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Being in the gun safe industry as long as we have makes us very knowledgeable about our competitors and what they have to offer, which includes which ones we feel are the most attractive.
One can say we are queer about good looking safes and have kept a collection of favorites we will be sharing with you now.
As you will see below, the ones we favor the most have unique looking features that go beyond the standard high gloss finish that is usually seen.
We will not be getting into antique safes from around the world (which can be very beautiful) but only safes currently being sold on the market.
Price points for the safes mentioned will be across the board but they will be arranged below starting with the least expensive.
As always, new safe designs come out all the time, but as of 5/4/18 this is what's on the market we like.
best looking gun safes
There are quite a few unique and alluring finishes offered by Sturdy Gun Safe. The picture displays all four finishes currently being offered.
These looks are accomplished by adding various types of steel plate to the exterior of the body, as well as, welds formed into heavy duty looking accent rivets.
  1. A lot of finishes to choose from. One is sure to find a finish best suited for their room.
  2. Finishes are customizable. Anything can be changed about any finish. Add more or less steel plate, more or less rivets, or change the color. We would even entertain a completely new finish idea.
  3. The safe body Sturdy starts off with is made with thicker steel than most (3/16"), with various options to beef it up more.
  4. All the added plate adds to the security of the safe.
  5. The price point is jaw dropping good. It's only $450 to $550 to upgrade any safe model's finish.
  6. No two safes will look alike if painted with a clear paint.
  7. Made in the USA
  1. The interior setup is still utilitarian. It doesn't look bad, it's just not dressed up like some safes shown below.
  2. Can't see the safe in person (unless you came to the shop) before ordering. Sturdy sells direct to help save customers on cost.
Attractive House Safes
Kodiak or Rhino safes offer a similar look to Sturdy Safes Distressed Metal finish. They accomplish this look by welding thin steel plate with decorative rivets, then distress the body.
  1. They have a dealer program, so you can see their safes in person before ordering.
  2. The price point for this thinner steeled body safe that looks good is not terrible, but still high.
  3. Although it's still cheap material, it's a nice looking interior. Some models you can get with extra interior organizing accessories.
  4. No two distressed safes will look alike.
  1. You can't get these safes with thicker steel bodies. 10g is the max. You are paying for the pretty here, so keep in mind there are cheaper 10g body safes on the market (if that is what you are ok with).
  2. They only have one finish we liked that was not the boring old high gloss finishes usually being offered.
  3. Mostly made in China.
Beautiful Home Safe
Going along with the distressed finish looks, Fort Knox came out with their own simple distressed finish. They accomplished this look by adding decorative rivets to the body and distressing the paint. We only liked it with the added crane hinge. Without the crane hinge we wouldn't feel it would be worthy of being noted here since it needed an extra something.
  1. Fort Knox offers thin and thick steel bodies, so one can get a thicker steeled body with this finish.
  2. The distressed finish is a $400 option without the crane hinge. The crane hinge price adds $263, so one would be paying a total of about $663 for this look.
  3. Although it's still cheap material, it's a nice looking interior. You can order the interior various ways and add accessories.
  4. The crane hinge not only looks good, but it adds a unique and potentially convenient way to open the door.
  5. No two safes will look alike.
  6. Made in the USA
  1. High price point for the finish alone. The hinge crane costs we feel are validated but the up-charge on the distressed finish for the amount of work that what was done is too high.
  2. They only have one finish we liked that was not the boring old high gloss finishes usually being offered.
  3. Although they have a dealership program, these finishes are not always available to view before purchasing.
gun safe
This is not my favorite look but it's a functional unique finish called the Tactical Safe by an admirable safe company called Brown Manufacturing. It comes with a molle system on the sides to hang things and large attractive pull bars on the door with the handle bar positioned just so. Brown is usually all about their high gloss finishes when it comes to the exteriors, so they definitely tried here. They need to be more acknowledged for their interiors since this is where Brown really shines. They accomplish their interiors with high quality and functional accessories by custom request. Too bad most people don't leave the safe open to admire all the beauty within.
  1. They offer thick 1/4" bodies or thicker.
  2. Outstanding interior quality and setups.
  3. Functional exterior.
  4. Made in the USA
  1. High price point to start off with. I can only imagine what the up-charge would be on a more unique finish.
  2. They don't offer more unique exterior finishes.
  3. Can't see the safe in person (unless you came to the shop) before ordering.
best looking gun safe
Last but not least is the Doettling German safes. One can't help but drool over all their never ending amazing designs. So unique, so beautiful, and so very expensive. There finishes can have rivets, calfskin, added steel plates, wood, leather trim, gold accent pieces, ect. The interiors get just as much attention to detail and quality.
  1. They offer high security ratings.
  2. Many outstanding exterior designs that no one else comes close to.
  3. Outstanding interiors with accessories that no one else offers.
  1. The price. If I was a billionaire, it wouldn't be a problem.
  2. Not made or sold in the USA
  3. Can't see the safe in person before ordering.
Maybe we are biased, but for the money Sturdy Safe finishes are amazing.

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