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Exterior Dimension - 24"W 19"D 60"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle)
Interior Dimension W/Out Fire- 23.6"W 16"D 59.6"H
Interior Dimension W/Fire-19"W 13"D 52"H
Body/Door Thickness- 3/16" to 9/16" See package tab for more details. 
Cubic Foot- 15.5
Gun Count-
Interior #2:
11 Fire Lined- Standard Rack
8 Fire Lined- Easyout Loop
13 W/Out Fire- Standard Rack
12 W/Out Fire- Easyout Loop
Interior #2 With Side Shelving:
4 Fire Lined- Standard Rack
9 W/Out Fire- Standard Rack
Easyout Loop Won't Work
Interior #3:
Customizable- We'll call you for details.
Shipped Weight-
With Fire:
615 lb. Bare Bones
695 lb. Most Popular
825 lb. Heavy Metal
969 lb. Magnum Steel, Sturdy Signature & Stainless Elite
Without Fire:
520 lb. Bare Bones 
600 lb. Most Popular
730 lb. Heavy Metal
874 lbs. Magnum Steel, Sturdy Signature & Stainless Elite