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Custom Size Gun Safe Specifications

Recessed Doors With Tight Tolerances

Sturdy's fully recessed doors doors have such tight gaps, pry bars don't stand a chance. >Read More

12 Bend Uni-Body Construction

A uni-body is a single piece of steel, completely formed with twelve bends to form the body and door seat. This makes it more ridged by providing a large surface on which the bolts can bare. >Read More

3" Deep Doors Made With Thick Plate 

Sturdy Safe doors won't flex since we make them with 5/16" to beyond 1/2" thick plate. The inside door frame is mostly made of 3/16" plate. >Read More

Unbendable/Undamageable Supported Deadbolts 

Sturdy's 8" long, 7/8" solid bar active deadbolts are supported on each end and welded on. This means no matter how hard one tries to pry, or slams the door with the deadbolts sticking out, they will not deviate from their original trajectory and remain operational. >Read More

Lifetime Warranty

This no nonsense warranty covers fire, malfunctioning, and burglary. When it comes to fire and malfunction, we also cover shipping both ways and locksmith entry. Extra warranties available. >Read More

1/2" Hot Welds

Sturdy welds are laid on thick and hot for more penetration and strength. Most safes use cold welding to minimize cosmetic problems. The bodies are continuously welded. >Read More

3 Shelves In The Door Of Non Fire Lined Safes

Who needs a weak door organizer when you have sturdy 10g shelving in the door? Only available in non fire lined safes. >Read More

Dark Gray And Black Paint 

Sturdy Safe's semi gloss paint is laid on thick and is twice as durable as auto motive finishes. It's also easy to touch up with little notice. 

Hardened Hard Plate  

Our drill punch resistant Hard Plate is hardened to the extreme by another facility, and then free floating instead of welded on to not degrade its strength. It's backed by our relocker for additional security from drill entries. >Read More

Patented Pressure Activated Relocker 

Our Relocker is not sensitive glass or spring. It's pressure activated so it will only fire when someone is putting a lot of pressure on it. You can slam the door, or the safe on it's back, etc., and never worry about being locked out by accident like glass or spring would do. >Read More

Group 2 Model 6730 Combination Lock 

Our spin dials are commercial grade quality. Key changeable and easy to read black with white numbers. >Read More

Damage Resistant Linkage 

Unlike our competitors, Sturdy's linkage is so strong  problematic clutches and shear pins are not necessary.  These parts are designed to break when force is applied. The result is needing to baby their safe or you get locked out.  >Read More

Combination Deadbolt Reinforcement 

We do not want to rely on the strength of a combination box for the needed strength in the lock system, like most manufacturers do. This adds about 16,000 pounds of resistance, which helps make our safe be the most durable, abusive-resistant safe on the market. >Read More

Commercial Quality / Free Of Servicing

Sturdy's linkage will never need to be serviced, nor will it break, even with years of abuse. We offer a lifetime of linkage warranty coverage to back up this claim. >Read More

Exposed Hinges / Removable Door

Exposed hinges allow the door to be removable, so it's lighter to move, or ship. Unlike hidden hinges, exposed hinges allow the safe door to be accidentally slammed open without damaging the hinges, as well as, being able to open a full 180 degrees. >Read More

Exceeds UL RSC and DOJ Requirements 

UL RSC and DOJ gun safes security requirements are depressingly low, so exceeding the them is saying much more about the safe. >Read More


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