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1. How long till I receive my safe after ordering? Is it really going to be 7 weeks before you ship my safe?

  • Your safe will be finished within 1-6 weeks.
  • 7 business days transit (shipping) time, for eastern states, 4-5 days for Mid states, and 1-3 days for western states.

Disclaimer: All transit days given are just good estimates, and not guaranteed. The carrier will call you to schedule a hard delivery day and time, so do not expect them to come unless you get that call. Any changes in delivery address or special requests can delay the eta and potentially be subject to additional charges. In addition, if the freight companies need to store the safe even longer than 3 days, you will be charged, per day, with storage fees (some exclusions apply).


2. What am I to expect, or not expect, for the delivery?

We have a video of what to expect for delivery here. The freight company will NOT go inside the house, however, they will go inside the garage or anywhere outside the home, considering the truck driver is physically capable of doing it with a pallet jack. They will not move the safe off the pallet, or unwrap it. Unless you requested a small truck, they will be full sized 48 footers, so make sure there is enough room for the driver to access you. If no trucks are able to reach your home, you may need to pick the safe up at the nearest terminal, and get a freight allowance, or we will work out some other solution. If you feel you could have issues with any freight trucks to your location (such as having a long unpaved, gravel driveway, low hanging trees, steep inclines or declines, etc.), please let us know in advance, or the freight company will only have the option of dropping it off curbside.


3. What happens if there is freight damage?

After the safe leaves, Sturdy Safe will inform you of what to do if there is freight damage. We also go over it in our delivery video here. Any damage (more than what touch up paint can fix, or a handle that can be replaced), you need to write "Freight damaged. Refused delivery on the BOL and try to call us before the driver leaves with the safe. They will send the safe back to us free of charge so we can reship it when fixed. When one signs anything from a shipping company, it's important to remember your signing a paper that states you received the idem in good condition, and it's really hard to prove other wise if that was not the case.


4. How will the safe be packaged in for shipping?

The safe will be wrapped, then double steel banded, standing upwright on a pallet. Packaging is non descriptive, and says TOP HEAVY.


1. How do I load the safe on and off a pickup truck?

Here is a video of a man who did a good job explaining it. To unload the safe which is on the truck, reverse the steps.


2. How do I move a 400-700 pound safe?

Have two men and a strong hand truck capable of carrying the weight.


3. How do I move a 701-2000 pound safe?

Have three men help with these sizes. Moving Men Sliders, a lot of golf balls, pipes, pallet jacks, or a special two axle hand truck will aid you in moving these sized safes. Look into each option to see what's right for your situation.


4. How do I move a safe over tile?

Lay ply wood down as you go over the tile. Two or three large sheets needed.


5. How do I remove the safe door for a lighter move?

The doors are about 30% of the whole weight of the safe. Open the safe door to a full 180 degrees, then get a car jack to help jack it upward. Make sure there are two people (one on each side of the door) when doing this, to aid in the removal. Do the same thing in reverse to put it back on. Do this at your own risk.


6. How do I move a large or small safe off a pallet?

Watch this video.


6. Can you recommend any movers and installers?

We personally do not have someone move the safes inside unless you are located in Fresno, but you will find the most affordable guys you can hire to move them are handy men. They will figure out a way and you can find them license, bonded, and with good reviews. Plus, you only pay them by the hour. Professional safe movers could potentially be listed on this website customers call local safe distributors to see who they recommend as well. We try to keep track of installers throughout the US who have been highly rated by customers for good service and costs. To see if there is one in your area, check out our page here


7. How do I move a safe up or down, a large stair case?

Here is a forum how someone went down a full flight of stairs.


8. How do I move a safe up or down a short stair case?


Make a ramp like this, but make it the length you will be needing to go over the amount of steps you have. In this example, we will be going over 3 steps.


Place the ramp over steps as shown here, and position the safe at the bottom.




With a heavy duty Come-Along, pull the safe up the ramp.




1. How should I bolt down a safe to a wood floor?

The bolt down hole size in the safe is 11/16 in diameter. Two, bolts needed. No need to premark the spots before bolting, just set the safe in place and bolt down. Get a bolt made to anchor into wood. If you choose to use lag screws, be sure they are at least 3/8 of an inch thick. You need a pilot hole for these, and we would recommend making it no larger than a 1/4". Make the bolt long enough to through your floor.


Another, better choice, to use is a 1/2" thick "All Thread" bolt (which is one long shaft, that is threaded all the way). Drill a 1/2 hole all the way through the floor, and crawl under your house to determine how to bolt it down from there. Sometimes, you can put a cross member across your joists and run the All Thread through that. Very large washers work too. Cut the bolt to the right length with a saw before bolting.


2. How should I bolt down a safe to a concrete/cement floor?

The bolt down hole size in the safe is about 11/16 in diameter. For most, but not all, bolt types: the bolts you buy should be about 1/2-5/8" inch in diameter. When it comes to the length of the bolt: know the floor of a fire lined safe is about 4 inches and non fire is just the 3/16" body you will be going through. Every inch into the ground after that will hold the safe in place, however, you don't want to go so far into the cement you hit ground or pipelines (for example). Two bolts needed to bolt into concrete. Rent or borrow a roto hammer. No need to premark the spots of the ground before bolting, just set the safe in place, and bolt down. Air flow is important when bolting down to concrete because we don't want moisture to collect, so be sure to push the safe back far enough to just slide a 1/4" thick washer or nut on each corner of the front safe, with your foot, before drilling into the floor and bolting down. Make sure whoever gives you the roto hammer shows you how to operate it. If the safe is outside, waxing the bottom half (not the bottom that's touching the floor, but the outside walls) of the safe with car wax to help preserve the safe from moisture.

Different anchor bolts can be used that would work for this application. To help you decide what bolt is best for you, watch this video. At the end of each video, we test the bolt with a forklift.

Once you picked the bolt type, click below for further instructions on installing it:




1. How do I dial in, as well as, change the S&G SPIN DIAL combination?

This video will show you how to dial in, as well as, how to change the combination. Here are the written instructions for dialing in: Substitute your combination number for the example given of "50-25-50": 1. Make sure door handle on safe is FIRMLY down in a horizontal position. 2. Turn dial to the LEFT, stopping when "50" is aligned with the opening index (twelve o'clock), the FORTH time. 3. Turn dial to the RIGHT, stopping when "25" is aligned with the opening index, the THIRD time. 4. Turn dial to the LEFT, stopping when "50" is aligned with the opening index, the SECOND time. 5. Turn dial slowly to the RIGHT until the DIAL STOPS (this will be around the number 85 or 86 before the combination dial really stops or it wont open). 6. Lift up firmly on the handle.



2. How do I dial in, as well as, change the ELECTRONIC SECURAM dial?

Your safe lock comes with 2 pre-programmed entry codes:
•The Manager Code is set to 1-1-1-1-1-1
•The User Code is set to 1-2-3-4-5-6
Tip When Picking Your New Code: Pick completely diffrent numbers for each code, so if one of the numbers on the key pad should fail, you could still open the safe with the other code.

Step 1: Open Lock
•Enter the Manager or User Code
•Lock Opens. Its that easy!

Step 2: Change the Manager Code
•Enter “0” six times, you will hear 1 beep
•Enter the existing code 1-1-1-1-1-1, you will hear 1 beep
•Enter a new 6 digit code, you will hear 1 beep
•Re-Enter the new 6 digit code, you will hear 1 beep That’s it! Your Manager Code has been successfully changed. Use your new Manager Code to open the lock.

Step 3: Change the User Code
•Enter “0” six times, you will hear 1 beep
•Enter the existing code 1-2-3-4-5-6, you will hear 1 beep
•Enter a new 6 digit code, you will hear 1 beep
•Re-Enter the new 6 digit code, you will hear 1 beep You are finished! Your User Code has been successfully changed. Use your new User Code to open the lock.


3. I dialed in right, I have the right combination, but it still wont open!?

Try the following if you have an S&G spin dial:

1. The dial is not turned hard enough to the right for the #5 step listed in the How do I dial In? answer above. It MUST be at 85 or 86 to be at a complete stop.

2. Fire lined safes have a stiffer moving handle when opening it due to the clamping action, so some people don't push the handle down hard enough (in step #1 listed above) before starting to dial in.

3. If the dial came to a complete stop, you must pull the handle bar hard enough to open it. When we ship out, we put a piece of felt on the bottom corner of the safe door to make the door extra tight, therefore, more difficult to open the first try. No need to "baby" the handle bar on a Sturdy Safe, it will shut and open like a bulkhead.

If trying that didn't work, try the following:

4. Add a number to each oringinal combo number and dial in.
5. Subtract a number to each oringinal combo number and dial in.
6. Dial in normally, but stop on your last combo number. Then, jiggle the handle up and down (kinda hard), then ball your hand in a fist and hit right below the dial hard, without hurting yourself. Slowly move the dial to the right and hopefully it will come to a complete stop.

If trying #4-#6 worked, give us a call so we can further assist you.


Try the following if you have an electronic Securam dial:

1. Fire lined safes have a stiffer moving handle when opening it due to the clamping action, so some people don't push the handle down hard enough before starting to dial in.

2. If you have tried and failed to dial in 3 times in a row, it will lock you out for 15 minutes. You can attempt to dial in again once that time has passed.

If this doesn't work, give us a call so we can further assist you.




1. What if I cancel an order before you ship out the safe?

We will refund you the full amount charged asap if the safe/vault does not have any other options added to it besides fire liner, electronic lock, key in dial, locksmith resistant hardplate upgrade, in swing opening, pistol racks, extra lifetime warranty, dehumidifiers, gold hardware, 4g body upgrades, and #1, #2 interiors (with or without side shelves). A list of upgrades we would need to charge you for, are located in section 6 of Canceling/Changing Orders.


2. What if I want to change an order within 24hrs?

You are more than welcome to do this, and any changes can be made, at no cost to you.


3. What if I want to change an order 24hrs later?

You might not be able to do this because it depends on the upgrades (if any) you originally ordered, and how far along we are with the current safe. If we are capable of changing the order, any major changes (such as the safe size, reinforcements added or taken away, gauge change, or interior liner gauge change) will start the wait time over again like it was a new order, as of that day. Any changes made in one day, will have a $25 fee. The reason for the fee is because per order change, it takes away 20 minutes (total) time away from employees standard duties. The reason for the new wait time is because the change was so major, we couldn't use the original safe body that was meant for you that we had already started.


4. What if I want to cancel or downgrade an order you have been storing on Lay-A-Way over one month?

There will be a fee of $200 charged.


5. What if I cancel an order after after the safe has already shipped out?

If you refuse delivery for any reason and want to cancel the order, after the safe has been shipped out, you will be refunded, minus all shipping costs to and from our location, as well as, all special options (which are listed under the Canceling/Changing Orders, section 6).


6. What are the upgrades I will not be refunded for?

Special upgrades such as; a custom size, safe inside a safe, panic button, any stainless steel options, any steel reinforcement options, color changes, 10g inside steel liner, or twin lock system, we will refund you the full amount, minus the cost of that extra option. However, we can help out by trying to sell the safe/vault to another customer at a discounted rate, if you are willing to wait a month for the refund, so you wouldn't need to pay the full cost of the upgrades. It is not guaranteed we will sell it, but we will try our hardest within that month time frame. Depending on how fast you cancel and where we are in the process of making it, you might not need to pay for all the special upgrades.



1. Do I maintenance the safe?

This is virtually a maintenance free safe, but after years of owning it, if you notice the safe handle get tighter and tighter to move, add oil to the deadbolts by throwing the handle bar in a position to fully expose the deadbolts, then apply the oil to the bolts. Move handle bar back and forth after you have done this.