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House Safes - Best Home Safes Large And Small - Home Gun Safes

Safes are easy to find, however, it's difficult to determine which ones are really the best. To help find the perfect small safe for the home, adjust your search to class B safes, or better yet, TL safes. Big gun safes are easy to find compared to large house safes (not used for long guns), however gun safes can be easily transformed to hold objects other than long guns. Check out our aftermarket accessories page to see what I mean. Majority of gun safes are considered residential security containers, which are automatically designed for residential  use. Plenty of good safes are also on craigslist, but you would still need to know what qualities to look for. Besides being readily available, there are many ways to find good various size safes at pricing you can afford. Sturdy Safe offers safes large and small with options to meet every-ones needs, so be sure to check them out.

Security - Like the most safes on the market, you can find high and the low end security options. Know anything 16, 14, 12, 11, 10 gauge on the body can be breached with non-powered tools such as crowbars, axe pikes, and sledgehammers. If it doesn't state what gauge thickness the safe was made out of, it was nothing to be bragging about, however if it states it's a TL or Class B, you can assume it has some good security. Anything thicker than 16, 14, 12, 11, 10 gauge on the body starts buying time with high power tools such as torches, grinders, and saws-all's. Sturdy Safe offers a small safe called The Cube with a 4g body (near 1/4") and 3/8" plate door, with many ways to upgrade it. It almost qualifies for a class B safe at a 1/4" body and 1/2" door requirement. There is no "smash and grab" attacks that can breach steel that thick.
Linkage - The linkage design is also a huge part of security. The best linkage is similar to those found in high security safes, such as TL safes. Sturdy Safe's have linkage similar to TL's. It's designed to take abuse without accidentally locking you out. This is important around the home since multiple users tend increase odds of damaging the linkage by shutting the door too hard, or force the deadbolts to engage (force the door shut) if there's a item in the way of closure. 
Smaller safes tend to be placed in tighter spaces, which tend to make it more difficult to anchor down. Try to anchor down anyways. Make sure your safe has large anchor holes, such as the ones Sturdy Safe offers, and know that Sturdy Safe can place the anchor holes wherever suits your needs if you can't anchor to the floor. They also offer the new Mountable Floor Plate to make any safe much more difficult to move if you can't anchor down. For bigger safes, it dosen't matter how large and heavy you think it is, it's best to anchor it down. 

Looks - There are not many options for high security short safes in the home to look real good. If it's going to be out of sight, no one cares about what they look like, but (for example) if it's going to hold your jewelry on your bathroom counter top, it should be presentable. Sturdy Safe offers a handsome standard color that goes well most places in the home (at no extra charge), as well as amazing gun safe finishes. Their new finishes add looks and security by adding unique thick steel plate to the body. The antique finish looks best in the master bathrooms, bedrooms, and office. The metal finishes, such as the black diamond plate or distressed metal, looks amazing in garages and man caves.

Cost - One can find large high and low end safes to fit the budget. For example, Sturdy Safe's start off at 3/16" plate on the bodies, but are priced out at like others safes thinner 10g bodies. If you needed more security, Sturdy Safe offers thicker plate at a slightly higher cost. 

Interior - Usually small safes are just set up for nothing but shelving. If you need anything additional, such as drawers, lights or cubbies, they can be ordered and installed fairly easy. If you need anything additional, such as drawers, lights or cubbies, they can be ordered and installed fairly easy onto the shelving of any gun safe. Sturdy Safes offer a #1 interior that offers 5 shelves for 5ft tall safes and 6 for 6ft tall safes at no extra charge. 

Fire Insulation - Fire protection is an important feature for many smaller and larger house safes. When it comes to fire ratings, majority of them do not perform as stated. Only safes fire rated by UL have believable ratings, and they are easier to find on small safes, but near impossible on large ones. Sturdy Safe doesn't bother misleading their customers when it comes to fire ratings, so they don't state one. They rely on common sense since they use an actual fire insulator to insult objects from fire and have gone through multiple accidental burn downs successfully with volunteer fire department before. They even tested in real fully furnished home burn downs with arson investigators. Even though there is no rating, they can confidently tell you their insulator will outperform the majority on the market for safes. 

We hope this article will help you find the best small and large safe for your house. You should now know the steel thickness and linkage design to look for. Hopefully you can find one with good looks as well. Good luck!