White Label / Private Label Gun Safes - Your brand, our Sturdy safes and vaults!


white label private label safe

Ever wanted to design and sell your own safes and vaults at your own price point without the hassle of making them? Now you can. Some call it white label, some call it private label. Whatever you call it is up to you. 



  • Minimum order of either 40 safes or 25 vaults. - You can order 40 safes and 25 vaults but (for example) you can't combine safes and vault to a total of 40 ordered. 
  • Must stick to a size currently offered when it comes to the safes. - Don't worry, there's a lot to choose from.
  • Must be shipped to the same place and distributed from there. - We cannot store products here longer than 1 month after completion. 
  • Must be shipped to a US address. - Sorry, no international shipments but you're welcome to arrange that yourself. 
  • Must differentiate your products from our products in some way. - We will help you out with this. Because we build the safes from start to finish, we can accommodate you in multiple ways, even come up with options you never thought of. 


Why we are a good choice:

  • Truly Made in America. - Not "Made in America with global components." Give your customers confidence they are truly supporting an American economy.  

  • Great customer service with a 24 hour response time. - If a question or problem arises you can't answer, have the customer call us direct. We'll take care of it for you. 

  • Process orders within 24 hours. - It will only take 6 weeks till completion for an order of 40 and gradually go up from there depending on how many safes on order. 

  • Take responsibility for mistakes. - If we mess up, we are quick to fix it on our dime. Luckily the next point helps us out with this. 

  • Strict quality control management. - Every product has three processing stages where they are checked out. Beginning, middle and end which results in a product that will meet our standards before its shipped. 

  • Can put your logo or any other label on the product for you. - One less thing for you to worry about. 
  • Don't ship unless we get your permission and give detailed tracking info. - You'll be able to track online instantly. 
  • Amazing reviews and been around for generations. - Reviews like ours are tuff to beat. Our company is three generations strong. Family owned and operated. 

 Please call us 800-262-0023 or contact us for inquiries.