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Smaller Semi Truck

Most freight companies will deliver with full-sized freight trucks. However,we will look into getting a smaller truck if you have a tricky driveway a full-sized truck can't maneuver into. Usually, these are 28 ft trailers and you still need to account for the tractor itself. This could delay the estimated day of arrival. If you feel you could have issues with any freight trucks to your location, please let us know in advance or the freight company will only have the option of dropping it o# curbside. On occasion, freight companies tell us there are small trucks available when there are not. We try our hardest toprevent this from happening but there is no guarantee we can get a small truck to you.


Garage Delivery

This is a free option if you have cleared a path for the pallet jack and have a smooth surface for it to roll on from the truck location into the garage. No bumps, steps, gravel, grass, steep inclines, or anything a pallet jack, with one truck driver, cannot handle. Please note, truck drivers do not lower their lift gates on an incline, because they want to avoid damaging your driveway.This option is not guaranteed. They will not take the safe o# the pallet or unwrap it.