Gun Safe | 32"W 24"D 60"H | Model 3224 4g | Sturdy Gun Safe MFG.

  • $ 3,384.00
Shipping and tax included! 1-6 weeks till completion.

In a hurry for a good safe? This commercial quality, American made safe will be shipped directly from Sturdy Gun Safe Manufacturing within 2 weeks. It's options are known as the Most Popular Package, Fire Liner, Interior #2, Rifle Rod Gun Rack, Dark Gray And Black Speckle Finish, and Group 2 S&G Spin Dial. As you can see from the Standard Features and Specifications lists below, it comes standard with thick steel and high security linkage capable of taking abuse for a lifetime (see the torture videos), an amazing fire insulator, at a way lower price point than any safe comparable in steel plate thickness alone. 
If you’re ok with waiting 1-6 weeks till completion, Sturdy has tons of special options available on their website. These options include increasing steel thickness, special interiors, dial choices and mind blowing finishes. Shipping and sales tax included in the pricing shown. Please call Sturdy Safe if you have any questions, or to check for sales.
Transit days are 2-10 business days.
  • 32"W 24"D 60"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle)
  • Interior Dimension W/Fire- 27"W 17.3"D 52"H
  • Interior Cubic Foot- 14.1
  • Body Thickness- 4g
  • Door Thickness- 3/8"
  • Inside Steel Liner 16g
  • Shipped Weight- 950 lbs.
  • Long Guns 16/22
  • Fire Liner- 2.5" of 2300 Ceramic
Standard Features: 
  • 2.5" Of Ceramic For The Entire Interior. Comes With 16g Inside Steel Liner.
  • Rifle Rods Gun Rack
  • Adjustable Interior #2- One Top Shelf, One Gun Rack And Three Removable 10" Wide Side Shelves
  • 8"x 12" Stainless Door Upgrade - Protects Heart Of The Lock System From High Power Tools
  • Crowbar Resistant Fully Recessed Doors With Tight Door Gaps
  • Quadra-Formed 12 Bend Uni-Body Construction
  • Inflexible 3" Deep Doors
  • 8 Unbendable/Undamageable Fully Supported Deadbolts
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hot Welding For More Penetration And Strength
  • Drill Punch Resistant Hardened Plate Backed By A Relocker
  • Group II S&G Changeable Combination Lock- Easy Read Black With White Lettering
  • Damage Resistant Linkage By Eliminating All Unnecessary Moving And Problematic Parts
  • Combination Deadbolt Reinforcement
  • Free Of Servicing & Repairs
  • Exposed Door Hinges/ Removable Door
  • Exceeds UL RSC I Requirements


Sturdy has a video of what to expect for delivery. The freight company will NOT go inside the house, however, they will go inside the garage or anywhere outside the home, considering the truck driver is physically capable of doing it with a pallet jack. They will not move the safe off the pallet, or unwrap it. All gun safe order shipments will be shipped and delivered by a full length tractor trailer (53′ length) and all delivery addresses must be accessible by a full length tractor trailer. If a driver is unable to access the delivery address with a full length tractor trailer due to narrow streets, tight turns, low hanging branches and/or power lines, weight restrictions, unpaved roads, or address being located on a dead end street, a customer may be required to meet the driver at a secondary location. Shorter trucks may be available in some areas please contact us so we can check availability. Small trucks are not a guaranteed option. All orders will be marked for “Garage Delivery” but unfortunately some shipments will only be eligible for the “Curb Side Delivery with Liftgate” due to the inaccessibility of the garage and/ or cover ground floor area by the delivery agent also better termed “the driver”. All drivers come equipped with only a pallet jack to assist in moving the safe. If the area leading to the garage or cover ground floor area is found to be unpaved, excessively long, too steep, or just inaccessible these are valid reasons that will prevent the delivery of a safe into a garage and/or covered ground floor area. Liftgate and Garage delivery is included. This entails the driver (1 person) unloading the gun safe from the truck as close to the curb of the destination address as possible and placing it into a customer’s garage and/or first available covered ground floor area. Please note that a covered ground floor area does not include any areas where a pallet jack cannot roll into the easily. This free garage delivery service is available in most locations inside the contiguous  US with some exceptions in New York. Additional restrictions may apply. Please note that this is a delivery service only and does not include the de-palletization, unpackaging, debris removal, or placement of safe once the safe is unloaded into the garage. It will be the responsibility of the customer to either move or make arrangements for moving the safe inside the house.Please note that once the safe is unloaded off the truck the customer will be responsible for moving or making arrangements to have the safe moved inside the delivery address. Drivers will pull up as close to the curb as possible and under no circumstances will they pull into any driveways. If a driver for any of the above mention reasons is unable to provide the “Garage Delivery” he will at his own discretion either attempt to move the safe as far as he may go or deliver the safe to the curb. Sturdy Gun Safes cannot be held responsible if the freight carrier is unable to provide the “Free Garage Delivery” as advertised. Customers whom refuse to take delivery of their order because the freight carrier is unable to provide “Garage Delivery” will be accessed all shipping charges to and from the address of delivery plus a 15% restocking fee. These fees will be deducted from the original purchase price of the safe prior to refund being issued. Please read additional description of services and exclusions below.
After the safe leaves, Sturdy Safe will inform you of what to do if there is freight damage. We also go over it in our delivery video below. Any damage (more than what touch up paint can fix, or a handle that can be replaced), you need to write "Freight damaged. Refused delivery on the BOL and try to call us before the driver leaves with the safe. They will send the safe back to us free of charge so we can reship it when fixed. When one signs anything from a shipping company, it's important to remember your signing a paper that states you received the idem in good condition, and it's really hard to prove other wise if that was not the case. In the event you accept the safe with freight damage, you are accepting the fact you are ok with the damage, and Sturdy Gun Safe as well as the trucking company is no longer liable for the damage done. 


Unsatisfactory returns will be accepted for a period of 14 days from the day the safe is received. All returns must be properly packaged and placed in an easily accessible area, not inside the house, in order for the freight carrier to pick up the safe. Customers will be responsible for checking the safe for damage before accepting delivery. All shipping fees to the address of delivery and shipping fees back to the warehouse. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. At no time will Sturdy Gun Safes be responsible for the removal, installation, or packaging of any safe that is being returned for any reason. All charges will be determined by Sturdy Gun Safes but will be fair and considerate to the buyer.
Your safe will be finished within 1-6 weeks. 7 business days transit (shipping) time, for eastern states, 4-5 days for Mid states, and 1-3 days for western states. Disclaimer: All transit days given are just good estimates, and not guaranteed. The carrier will call you to schedule a hard delivery day and time, so do not expect them to come unless you get that call. Any changes in delivery address or special requests can delay the eta and potentially be subject to additional charges. In addition, if the freight companies need to store the safe even longer than 3 days, you will be charged, per day, with storage fees (some exclusions apply).
The safe will be wrapped, then double steel banded, standing upwright on a pallet. Packaging is non descriptive, and says TOP HEAVY.

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