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NEW! Multi-Use High Security Truck, Ammo, Tool and General Storage Box

NEW! Multi-Use High Security Truck, Ammo, Tool and General Storage Box

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3 Point Lock System

Linkage capable of resisting a pry bar. Door stays on even if the hinges are cut. 

10g Body And Door With Reinforcements

The body and door is formed out of 10g with added plate in random areas for resistance against high power tools. Also adds extra rigidity and pry bar resistants to the jambs. 

Versatile Mounting

Designed to mount anyway you need it. Top, side, back, even upside down! Drill anchor holes yourself, or let us do it.

Puck Lock Optional

Will fit high security padlocks and puck locks. The eyelets the lock attaches to are formed with two layers of 10g.

Extra Wide And Thick Hinges

Takes 3x as long to cut off these 3/16” plate hinges. If cut the door will stay on because of the linkage design. 

Fully Arch Welded

Our truck tool boxes are continuously welded which means it can take more abuse because there's no skip welds or open seams. 


Additional Features

* Heavy Duty Swing Handle Bar

* Replaceable Doors

* Weather Stripping

* Painted Semi Gloss Gray Primer

* Custom Sizes Available

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