• 40% more american steel when comparing to 10g. bodies, and that's not even including our 5/16" thick doors, 16g. inside liners (for fire lined safes), or any of our steel upgrade options. Our thickness will actually stop the pike of a fire axe, unlike 12 and 10 gauge safes.

  • Removing the need for clutches and sheer pins removes the possibility of ruining the safe by getting locked out and needing a locksmith due to simple everyday use, or a little abuse.

  • 3 Inches thick of fireproof material used in the top, bottom, door, and all the walls of the safes interior. No CHEAP, ineffective fireboard, or heavy cement compound used at all!

  • Sturdy Gun Safes prices are so low because we owe the bank nothing and spend $100 a month in advertising. Other safe companies spend between $9000 to $18,000 a month to rank high on google searches and/or advertisments. These cost are passed down to the consumer.

  • Sturdy Gun Safe will replace or repair the burglarized, burned, or malfunctioning linkage of the gun safe for free. Other safe manufacturers guarantee the linkage for only a year, or void the warranty over minor things.

  • When comparing Sturdy Gun Safes to other safes about the same size, offering bodies/doors as thick as ours, we will always have the lowest prices.

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