• 40% more american steel when comparing to 10g. bodies, and that's not even including our 5/16" thick doors, or 16g. inside liners (for fire lined safes), or any of our steel upgrade options. Our thickness will actually stop the pike of a fire axe, unlike 9g or thinner steeled safes.

  • Competitors are on forums everyday, running indirect smear campaigns, to simply try to compete. See for yourself why they are so focused on hurting our company. Get fire lining, and more security for your dollar with Sturdy!

  • Removing the need for clutches and sheer pins removes the possibility of ruining the safe by getting locked out and needing a locksmith due to simple everyday use, or a little abuse.

  • No cheap, ineffective, fireboard or heavy cement compound, used in Sturdy Gun Safes! Our insulator includes 2.5", of 8lb density, ceramic wool, everywhere inside the safe. Comes with a 16g liner.

  • Sturdy Gun Safes prices are so low because we owe the bank nothing and spend $100 a month in advertising. Other safe companies spend between $9000 to $18,000 a month in advertisments. These cost are passed down to the consumer.

  • Sturdy Gun Safe will replace or repair the burglarized, burned, or malfunctioning linkage of the gun safe, for free. Other safe manufacturers guarantee the linkage for only a year, or void the warranty over minor things.

  • When comparing Sturdy Gun Safes to other safes about the same size, offering bodies/doors as thick as ours, we will always have the lowest prices.

Our Type of Customer Wants...

  • Thick steel, without paying an arm and a leg for it, because the thicker the steel, the better the security.
  • To have safe linkage designed to take abuse, without the potential of locking them out by incorporating parts (like clutches or shear pins) designed to break.
  • A real fire insulator and honest answers when it comes to the fire protection it offers.
  • To invest the majority of their money into the security of the gun safe and not just the looks of it.
  • To buy a gun safe that is truly made in America and not afraid to prove it.

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