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4288 3-18-10 10:44am "I just received a Sturdy safe on Monday, and I figured I'd post a review. When I was researching different safes I found threads like this one from years back that were very helpful, so hopefully this will help researchers for years to come. It's long, but it addresses some of the things I found after months of research, and it states how Sturdy fits into that. This is a totally honest review, hitting the good and the bad as I see it with my safe. I am not the type to praise something because I'm biased because it's the brand I picked, but overall, I love this safe and would buy it again in a heartbeat..."

MITCHELL 11/21/2009 10:12:05 PM: "So, my house was robbed. The (burglars) went at the safe with a crowbar that in retrospect, should have been in the safe. The (burglars) didn't think to use the impact drill or 3" grinder on the floor next to it, rather they tried to file down the hinge with a hand file. It seems they gave up after about 8.7 seconds...I couldn't get in and had to call a locksmith. One of the relockers had been activated by the (burglars) trying to pound on the combination shaft. This guy breaks safes every day and it took him 4.5 hours to get in. He said it was the best gun safe he's ever opened. He also opens jewelry safes and much harder things to open. It was entertaining to watch the opening and repair. To repair it, we replaced the hardplate and put bearing steel in the holes of the door."

70short/step 03-11-2005, 05:25 PM: If you want a true "FIRE" safe, I would recomend a "Sturdy Safe". They are located in Fresno, CA. and I went there to look at them. As they told me, there is no true "FIRE PROOF" safe. They are not as fancy as some of the "Gun" brand named ones but I think they are far surperior. When safe companies rate the safes the put a sensor in the safe put it in an big oven turn on the oven and start the timer. Well when the temp hits say 1200 degrees they look at the clock and it took 30 minutes to get there. So they rate it @ 1200 for 30 minutes. Sturdy safes dont start the timer until it reaches the desired temp. Here is a link to them. I saw this actual safe that was in the fire. They were rebuilding it. Yes it was pretty much toast but look at the contents of what was in there. Money and paper work on the top shelf of the safe in a total burn down house."

scootergmc Senior Member:02-05-2007, 12:49 PM "The day I went down to pick up the safe (on a saturday) was an off-business day but he met me there, walked me through the fab area, etc, showed me a #### safe that took him less than 5 minutes to drill and open, and then proceeded to show me how his safes are superior. Not being the safe technical wizard that he is, I didn't retain alot of the info. But IIRC, the bolt hammer trick does not work on his safes. Give Terry a call. He's full of info."

socalsteve Senior Member06-12-2006, 12:43 AM: "My friend bought 2 of them, one firelined, he thinks they are among the best built and oneo fthe best for the money."

mike100 Senior Member: "wow..without the fire lining and sheetmetal covers, you can really see in there. nice to have the door shelves, which the lined ones do not.You can see sturdy doesn't use a center cam plate in the center. the pivots are inside the edge tube. If the deal is unlocked, 2 of the locking pins can be pressed in to move the handle open. when it is locked, a drill attack would, I believe, break off and the relocker would fall into place. I was trying to figure out how to break into my own safe and couldn't because all that stuff is behind steel that is not removable. maybe if you layed it on it's side and drilled thru..dunno, not gonna kill my safe trying, but it might be fun to try on a free one. I'd like to talk to terry now that I have had time to think about it, but I gave up so I think most any thief would also... I'd cut a big hole in the side if I had to get in there, the door doesn't need to be THAT good when you are talking .180" thick steel or less.

CVANN Member 2/3/08:... thanks for referal, I had paid for a Browning and cancelled the order - bought the Sturdy....I bought the 3627 6' model and had it made with 7 gauge (3/16") instead of 8 gauge... Sturdy only measures the effective steel portion that secures it. My door alone weighs 600 pounds. That's nearly as much as a lot of safes of comparable size. I compared all the manufacturers, was going to get a Fort Knox or a Browning, and this guy schooled me with a 40000 word essay on gun safes. I didn't want to be that guy that said, 'meh, I just want a safe that will be a deterent - 10 gauge is good enough'. .. Sturdy has a lifetime warranty that they treat like Dillon No-BS. This is good read: