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steel thickness chart for gun safes
Fire Axe Proof 3/16" Bodies With 5/16" Doors
Our 3/16" bodies are miking out to a shy 6 gauge or heavy 7 gauge. When comparing our 3/16" safe body to a 12 gauge safe body, our safe has 77% more steel (40% more when comparing it to 10 gauge). In addition, the door frame (inside the door) is made with virtually all 3/16" steel. The grade steel used is A36 to grade 50 (mostly grade 50) and it is made in America. Sturdy Gun Safes thick steel walls can withstand being punctured by the pike of a fire axe compared to any 12 to 10 gauge safe on the market (even if they have a cement composite fire liner- like this thread proves). This makes our commercial safes more tool resistant (TL). You'll notice the best safe manufactures offer nothing but thick steel bodies.

Hot Welding For More Strength
Hot welds mean deeper penetration, which is common for commercial gun safes however, most safes use cold welding to minimize cosmetic problems. There are no skip welds in the bodies of Sturdy Safes. There are also more welds holding the lock assembly to the door than any gun safe on the market.

fire axe attack on gun safe

How thick is thick enough?

A non-commercial safe body made of 10 gauge cannot stand up to an attack by fire axe, nor can a 12 gauge body safe. It cannot be any axe- it MUST be a FIRE AXE with a pike, because that is what starts the pierced holes and then you use the blade to connect the dots to create a hole large enough to get into. Using an inadequate gauge of steel saves on manufacturing costs, but those savings come with a steep price. See More Gun Safes Attacked

Exposed Hinges/ Removable Door

Exposed hinges make it so the safe door is removable, so it's lighter to move or ship. Unlike hidden hinges, exposed hinges allow the safe door to be accidentally slammed open without damaging the hinges; as well as, being able to open a full 180 degrees. The only advantage to hidden hinges is the cosmetic look of it. Exposed hinges do not compromise security.

inflexible gun safe door
Inflexible 3" Deep Doors
Try as hard as you can, but Sturdy Safes doors wont flex like cheap gun safe doors do. There is more welds holding the heavy 3/16" thick frame to the 5/16"door plate than any gun safe on the market.


Watch as Terry pulls on the door of this model 2723 Sturdy Safe with a 10,000lb. forklift! This really proves the importance of having a thick steel safe body, with deep penetrating welds in the door.


uni-body construction on gun safe
12 Bend Uni-Body Construction With Quadra-Formed Door Seat
Sturdy Gun Safes uni-body is a single piece of steel, completely formed with twelve bends, which eliminated the need for ugly vertical seams in the body and weak splicing at the door seat. It actually forms the body itself into a door seat. When compared with the few gun safes on the market who employ this uni-body construction, you will find Sturdy Gun Safes actually have two more bends at the door seat, making it more ridged by providing a large and positive surface on which the bolts can bare.

crowbar resistant gun safe door
Crowbar Resistant Fully Recessed Door

Sturdy Gun Safes' doors will not accept a crow bar because of how deep they are recessed and how tight the tolerances are. Please note: the top or bottom of our doors have a slightly larger gap than what you see pictured, allowing enough clearance for the door swing. Tolerances vary a little per safe, but few gun safes for sale come close to our tight tolerances. As you shut our doors, you can actually feel and hear a "whoosh" of air.

door shelving on gun safe
Door Shelving
For your convenience, shelves have been built right into the door. They are three inches deep and almost as wide as the door. Perfect for storing smaller items, however, do not stack the items in a fashion that can block the deadbolt's swing. This feature is not available on fire lined safes.