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We strive to be the most honest gun safe manufacturer in the industry, so unlike our competitors, we tell EVERYTHING about our warranty, right here, not after you buy the safe, or after you request to see the warranty. All of Sturdy Gun Safes have the same warranty, so it doesn't change depending on what model you get.

What's Covered On The Extra Warranty, That The Standard Warranty Doesn't Cover?: The only difference is when it comes to a burglary attack. We will fix or replace the safe at no cost to you with the Standard Warranty, however, you must purchase the Extra Warranty if you wanted us to cover shipping costs (if needed) or a locksmith entry (if needed).

What Is Not Covered:
Paint Jobs- If the safe is repaired by us, we can repaint it for you. If it's not repaired by us, we cannot repaint it. However, we will send you enough touch up paint to paint it yourself if desired.
If You Purchased The Hardplate Upgrade Option- Locksmith entries are voided in the warranty when you get this upgrade, however, everything else is still covered. The reason is because this hardplate upgrade is designed to keep out locksmiths, so you can imagine the bill they would leave attempting to break into that safe.

If You Purchased An Electronic Lock- These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries. Once you are past the two year mark, where we state we will cover locksmith entries in our warranty is then voided. We will not cover the locksmith entry if you are at fault for damaging it (this falls under misuse). The part will be examined by the locks manufacturer to determine what the malfunction is and how it occurred. The reason we don't cover them very long is because we told you how these are like any other electronic device you have ever owned. They are not designed to last a lifetime.
If You Failed Changing The Combination- We give you as much advise as possible to prevent this from happening, however, if you end up needing a locksmith after failing to change the combination, you will need to cover the charges. If you attempt to claim that it is a lock malfunction, as opposed to a failure to change the combination correctly, and you request warranty work to be made to the safe: we will keep the safe and refund you everything but shipping costs. We can prove you failed to change the combination properly.

What We Mean By Defects Of It's Mechanical Parts: Anything mechanical that is fixed or moving is covered. Such as: the squareness of the safe body, the hinges, the linkage parts, all connectors, the handle, the handle shaft, all bushings there in, and loose screws.

Our Definition Of Acts of God, Misuse or Abuse: we will not repair damage due to (for example); accidentally dropping it from an excessive height, using it like a wrecking ball, obstructing or altering the moving parts of the linkage, combination box, or dial, doing your own torture tests, flood damage, earthquakes, tornados, etc... however, it's up to our discretion to fix it anyway's, considering you pay shipping charges. Keep in mind, just because we don't want you using it as a wrecking ball (for example) doesn't mean you need to baby our safe. As you can see from our videos, they can take a lot of abuse without the worry of getting yourself locked out (just the burglar).

To Obtain Warranty Service, The Purchaser Must: supply a letter from their home owners insurance company denying payment/coverage of the safe and the letter must reference; burglary or fire, have prior authorization to return the defective safe (empty of contents), have proof of purchase (if we don't already have you in our system) supply photographs of the damage prior to shipping, be within 30 days of the incident (it's up to our discretion to extend the 30 day period given), and have the safe ready to be picked up, on a pallet, banded down, at a location the freight company can pick it up. This warranty does not cover any cost to remove or install the current or replacement safe.

Buyer Responsibility Is As Follows: Don't forget the combo number. Never force or strike the dial. To prevent injury to hands and fingers, use caution when closing the door. Do not open the safe while it's upside down, or on it's back. Keep children at a safe distance while shutting the safe. Properly bolt it down. In non fire lined safes, do not stack items in the door shelves that blocks the swing of the deadbolts.






Doing the following will NOT void our warranty, like it would with most other manufacturers: Changing the combo, cosmetic alterations made of the safe, over torqueing the handle, not keeping it properly maintained by a professional, slamming the door, slamming the door with the bolt work in the locked position, stacking contents of the safe so that the door must be forced shut, and accidentally clamping down on something while shutting door, which results in jamming the deadbolts. ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MUCH MORE DOES NOT VOID OUR WARRANTY. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ WARRANTYS THAT COME WITH SAFES.

Important Things To Look Out For: Some manufacturers have different warranties for their different model safes. It's important to ask for the exact warranty for the safe you are getting. Some manufacturers claim to have a lifetime warranty, yet the most important parts like the linkage and locks are only warranted for a year.