Sturdy Gun Safe Lifetime Warranty

We strive to be the most honest gun safe manufacturer in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we tell EVERYTHING about our warranty right here, not after you buy the safe or after you request to see the warranty.


Sturdy Gun Safe warrants each new safe or vault door to be free from defects in all its’ mechanical parts, including S&G model 6730 spin dials, for the lifetime of the original owner. This warranty also applies to damage incurred due to burglary and fire (fire lined safes only). Freight and Locksmith entries are free of charge if it’s damaged due to a fire, or mechanical part defects. Sturdy Gun Safe shall at its’ sole and absolute option, either repair or replace the safe with the same model or its’ equivalent model free of charge. It is up to Sturdy Gun Safes discretion to use this warranty more than once per safe. Contents of the safe are not included and warranties are non transferable.

What's Not Covered:

  Paint Jobs- If the safe is repaired by us we will repaint it for you. If the safe is not repaired by us we cannot repaint it, but we will send you enough touch up paint to paint the damaged area yourself.

  If You Purchased The Hardplate Upgrade Option- Locksmith entries are void in the warranty when you get this upgrade, however, everything else is still covered.

  If You Purchased An Electronic Dial- Electronics are warranted for two years, including locksmith entries. Once void the locksmith entries are no longer warranted, however, everything else in the warranty is still covered.

  Acts Of God, Misuse Or Abuse- The warranty is void if you; accidentally drop the safe or vault from an excessive height, use it like a wrecking ball, making alterations or interfere with the inner workings of the linkage; combination box or dial, abuse the dial, forget your combination, fail to change the combination properly, do your own torture tests, have flood damage, earthquake damage, tornado damage, hurricane damage, etc... however, it's up to our discretion to still fix it at no charge considering you pay all shipping charges and locksmith entries. 

To Obtain Warranty Service: You must notify us about the issue within 30 days of the incident (it's up to our discretion to extend the 30 day period) and have proof of purchase if we don't already have you in our system. When it comes to damage due to a burglary attempt or fire you must also supply a letter from your home owners insurance company denying payment/coverage of the safe or vault, accompanied with photographs of the damage.

  Locksmith Entries- If you are located within a 1.5 hour drive from the nearest safe technician we will assign a safe technician to you. You will be reimbursed for the locksmith entry once we receive the lock back and have it examined by the locks manufacturer to determine what the malfunction is and how it occurred.

  Shipping It Back For Repairs- You must have prior authorization to return the defective vault or safe empty of contents. The safe or vault must be strapped on a pallet and be easily accessible for a pallet jack to move it to the location of the freight truck.

Buyer Responsibility Is As Follows: Don't forget your combination number. Oil the hinges and deadbolts when needed and never use WD-40. To prevent injury to hands and fingers use caution when closing or opening the door. Do not open the safe while it's upside down or pitched forward. Never force or strike the dial. Use caution and lock the dial while moving the safe or vault. Keep children at a safe distance from the safe or vault at all times! Don't stack items in the door shelving in a fashion to fall and block the path of the deadbolts. To prevent theft of entire safe or vault, bolt it down. To prevent theft of items within the safe or vault, keep it locked.


Extra Warranty ($150 option)

If you purchased the Extra Warranty it will cover everything the Standard Warranty does that's mentioned above as well as, shipping costs both ways and a locksmith entry (if needed) in the event of a burglary.



Doing the following will NOT void our warranty like it would with most other manufacturers- Changing the combination, cosmetic alterations made to the safe, over torquing the handle, not keeping it properly maintained by a professional, slamming the door, slamming the door with the bolt work in the locked position, stacking contents of the safe so that the door must be forced shut, and accidentally clamping down on something while shutting door which results in jamming the deadbolts.

Important Things To Look Out For- Some manufacturers have different warranties for their different model safes. It's important to ask for the exact warranty for the safe you are getting. Some manufacturers claim to have a lifetime warranty, yet the most important parts like the linkage and locks are only warranted for one year, or they don't cover shipping costs both ways or locksmith entries.