Collection: Gun Safes

Sturdy offers unique and innovative options for our gun safes such as mountable floor plates if you can’t anchor down, and door covers for additional storage and security. Truly made in the USA!

Notable Features:

Various Steel Package Options > 

Sturdy starts off at 4g bodies, and 3/8" doors and go drastically thicker from there (depending on the package you pick). The thicker the steel, the more time you buy with high power tool attacks. When comparing our steel body thickness to others that are comparable, our bottom line delivered price will be less money every time. 

Real Fire Insulation >

No cheap sheetrock or plaster paris used here. Sturdy's optional 2300 degree ceramic wool fire insulation is made to insulate objects from fires, such as ovens and kilns. Our fire safes have survived multiple accidental home burn downs. 

Damage Resistant Linkage >

Less moving linkage parts means no potential to break, even with user abuse. It’s a similar design to high security TL safes. You can do things like slam the door, with or without the deadbolts out, and not worry of locking yourself out or needing repairs like you would with any other long gun RSC on the market. 

Fantastic Finishes >

We offer a variety of eye-catching custom finishes that can’t be found anywhere else on the market. While other manufacturers try to give you vynyl wrapping or pinstriping, we give you a fancyier finish by adding more steel.