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The Cube - Model 2020

  • 78700
  • Shipping and tax included!

  • 20"W 20"D 20"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle)
  • ID W/Out Fire- 19.6"W 17.5"D 19.6"H
  • ID W/Fire- 15.5"W 13.4"D 14.3"H
  • Body/Door Thickness- 3/16" to 9/16" See package tab for more details. 
  • Cubic Foot- 4.2
  • Shipped Weight W/Fire:
  • 320 lb. Bare Bones
    370 lb. Most Popular
    330 lb. Stainless Steel
  • Shipped Weight W/Out Fire: 
    260 lb. Bare Bones 
    310 lb. Most Popular
    270 lb. Stainless Steel
  • Bare Bones Package

    What comes standard:
      • 3/16" Body
      • 5/16" Door

    Can't get anymore bare bones than this, yet still be a step above the competition. This is the perfect package for the customer who wants to stop a non powered tool (ex: pike axes, crow bars, sledge hammers) from breaching the safe.

    Most Popular Package

    What comes standard:
      • 4g Body
      • 3/8" Door
      • 8x12" Stainless Upgrade

    These are  the most popular options customers order. It's the perfect package for the customer who wants to stop a high powered tool (ex: grinders, sawsalls) from breaching the safe longer than the 3/16" body, 5/16" door would perform. Comes with a 8x12" Stainless Upgrade that is 3/16" thick, which protects the heart of the lock system from any high power tool attack by covering: the combo box area, hardplate, relock and striker (which is the primary piece of linkage being locked out). Since this plate is on the exterior of the door, it adds to the commercial look of the safe, which customers really enjoy, and burglars question.

     Intimidator Fire Insulator

    The interior is stuffed with a 2300°, 8 lb. density, ceramic blanket. Then, it's compressed by a 16 gauge inside steel liner. If you do not add this option, the safe will have no fire insulator.  Click here for information on our fire rating and detailed information. 

    D-Drive Electronic Lock

    These light up group 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts, and boast a longer longevity. Less parts = less to potentially break. Even though they will last longer, we still recommend electronic locks to be used for people who have a hard time seeing the numbers on standard dials, because, like most electronic devices, they are not made to last forever. THIS OPTION DOES AFFECT THE WARRANTY! These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries. Once you are past the two year mark, where we state we will cover locksmith entries in our warranty, is then voided.

    Gold Hardware

    Add instant class to your color changed safe by switching the handle, dial and decals to gold. Perfect for those searching for beauty and brawn.

    Key In Dial
    This is not to be used as a quick access into the safe! It's strictly to lock the dial on whoever else you gave the combination to, so they cannot get in. These cannot be put on electronic locks.

    Locksmith Resistant Hard Plate Upgrade
    A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe, however, this option is designed to keep locksmiths outIt's a diamond/ carbide bit resistant, machine tool pin hardplate, as hard as ball bearings, that protects the primary linkage being locked out, all the way to it's source. Odds are very high a locksmith would need to destroy the safe in order to gain access in. For this option, you would need to believe a burglar is smart enough to know locksmith entries, which has never happened in our whole history.  THIS VOIDS A SMALL PART OF THE LIFETIME WARRANTY by making the  home owner pay for the locksmith entry if ever one is needed.

    Extra Lifetime Warranty
    To better understand what this warranty will cover, you should know what the standard warranty covers first: We will fix or replace the safe for free if you were burglarized, in a fire (for a fire lined safe), or if the safe is malfunctioning in anyway, shape or form. When it comes to the malfunctioning or fire, we will cover shipping (back and forth) as well as locksmith entries if needed. When it comes to the burglary, you would need to pay for shipping and locksmith entry (unless you get this extra warranty). Read Even More Details Here...

    4 Hand Gun Hangers
    Store More Gun hand gun hangers now available! Store your pistols with 100% use of your shelving space. These are way better than door organizers, simply because you do not need to accommodate them by cutting down the gun rack or shelving about 4" to accommodate them. They fit as small as .22 caliber, or larger. Vinyl coated and made in the USA!

    This option is great for safes located next to an outlet. Just plug it in, and forget about it.

    Largest Eva Dry
    This dehumidifier requires more work than the Dri Rod, however, it comes in handy if you are NOT placing the safe next to an outlet. Once indicator says it's wet, you must plug it into an outlet for 10-12 hours till it's dry enough to put back in the safe. This is great for those without a fire lined safe, because our fire liner is such a great insulator, most don't need to get a dehumidifier.

    3/8" Electric Hole

    This will come automatically if you order the Dri-Rod. We place the hole towards the bottom of the back wall on the right side, if you don't request it anywhere else.

    Reinforced Bolt Down Holes
    This option exposes the holes for the two, 11/16" diameter, steel tubing guides, (which are inside every fire lined safe) for bolting down. Non fire lined safes will automatically have anchor holes exposed. If you chose not to expose the holes, we will dimple the location, to make sure you hit the tubing guides inside. You will just be drilling through 16 gauge to expose the guides. 1/2"-5/8" Diameter anchors required.
    NEW! Dark Gray Base, Black Speckle

    This is the NEW STANDARD COLOR that comes standard unless requested otherwise. The speckling is great for hiding smudges, and touching up in the event it was scratched. The light gray and dark gray speckle you see everywhere on the website has been replaced with this new color.

    Hunter Green

    These solid semi gloss enamel color changes look good in combination with the gold hardware option. It's not as easy as a speckled paint to touch them up without noticing, and it shows smudges, so cleaning the safe will be needed more often than not.

    Satin Black

    These solid semi gloss enamel color changes look good in combination with the gold hardware option. It's not as easy as a speckled paint to touch them up without noticing, and it shows smudges, so cleaning the safe will be needed more often than not.

    Smaller Semi Truck

    Most freight companies will deliver with full sized freight trucks, however, we will look into getting a smaller truck if you have a tricky driveway a full sized truck can't maneuver in. Usually, these are 28ft trailers, and you still need to account for the tractor itself. Due to some locations, it could delay the estimated day of arrival. If you feel you could have issues with any freight trucks to your location, please let us know in advance, or the freight company will only have the option of dropping it off curbside. On occasion, freight companies tell us there are small trucks available when there is not. We try our hardest to prevent this from happening, but there is no guarantee we can get a small truck to you.

    Garage Delivery
    This is a free option if you have cleared a path for the pallet jack and have a smooth surface for it to roll on from the truck location, into the garage. No bumps, steps, gravel, grass, steep inclines, or anything a pallet jack, with one truck driver, cannot handle. Please note, truck drivers do not lower their lift gates on an incline, because they want to avoid damaging your driveway. This option is not guaranteed. They will not take the safe off the pallet or unwrap it.