28"W 22"D 60"H" - 3/16" - Economical

  • $ 2,329.00
Shipping and tax included! 8-9 weeks till completion.


  • Exterior Dimension- 28"W 22 "D 60"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle)
  • Interior Dimension Without Fire- 27.6"W 19"D 59.6"H
  • Interior Dimension With Fire- 23"W 16.3"D 52"H
  • Body/Door Thickness- 3/16" Body, 5/16" Door 
  • Cubic Foot (Fire Lined / Without Fire)- 11.3 / 18.1
  • Gun Count-
    Interior #2 (With / Without Side Shelves):
    Fire Lined-
        Standard Rack (9 / 14)
        Easyout Loop (12 No Side Shelves Possible)
    Non Fire Lined-
        Standard Rack (18 / 25)
        Easyout Loop (11 / 15)
  • Interior #3:
    Customizable- We will call you for details.
  • Shipped Weight-
  • With Fire: 775 lbs.
    Without Fire: 632 lbs. 



    Gun Safe Interior #1

    Interior #1

    Four shelves straight across. No gun rack. Fully removable and adjustable up and down. All shelves will hold about 150 lbs.


    Gun Safe Interior #2

    Interior #2 Easyout Loop Fire Lined

    If you choose the Easyout Loop gun rack and Fire Insulator for this size safe, it will be too small for side shelves. It will come with one top shelf that holds about 150lbs. Fully removable and adjustable up and down.


    Gun Safe interior #2

    Interior #2 With Side Shelves

    One top shelf that holds about 150 lbs., 1 gun rack of your choice, 1 side shelf that can hold about 150 lbs. and 2 ten-inch-wide bottom side shelves, that hold up to 40lb each. Standard Gun Rack is shown here. You are able to remove the side shelves to gain the full gun capacity of the safe. Fully removable and adjustable.


    Gun Safe Interior #3

    Interior #3

    This customized interior comes with one split top shelf that holds about 150 lb., 1 gun rack of your choice, 3 side shelves that can hold about 150 lb. Widths of the side shelves and gun capacity will vary based on the division, and gun rack, you choose. We will call to help you pick the best division. Perfect for those with a low gun count looking to add more shelving space and hold more weight on the two bottom shelves.


    Gun Rack Options

    Safe Gun Rack

    Standard Gun Rack

    Customers like this gun rack because it holds the most guns and allows room for rifles with scopes. The bigger your safe is, the bigger the rack will be.


    Safe Gun Rack

    Easyout Loop Gun Rack

    Customers like this gun rack because it takes up less space and holds more guns than a rotary rack (offered by third parties). In addition, you wont damage your guns by simply placing them in, or out, of the safe. Although it holds more guns than a rotary rack, it still holds less guns than the Standard Rack. The bigger your safe is, the bigger the rack will be.


    Rifle rods

    Rifle Rods 

    For no additional charge you can swap out Sturdy Safe's gun rack for the highly rated Gun Storage Solutions American-made Rifle Rods. Have the potential to store more guns and have easier access to the guns in the back. The safe will come with as many rods as our Standard Rack will carry without side shelves, but if you wanted to order more you can do so through us or GunStorageSolutions.com.  The loop fabric will already be installed under the top shelf so you will just need to Drop the Rifle Rod down the barrel of the long gun, set the stock in place and pull the Rifle Rod up until the VelcroTM attaches to the loop fabric.  Click Here for a video and more information. 



    thick steel gun safe

    Thick Steel For Real Security

    Sturdy starts off at 3/16" on the body because you have to be there to stop non powered tools. You can't say that about thinner steel. We offer packages to thicken it up various ways from there. Sturdy Safes will beat pricing when comparing steel thickness and size to any other safe on the market.  >Read More


    recessed gun safe door

    Crowbar Resistant Fully Recessed Doors With Tight Door Gaps

    Sturdy Gun Safe's doors will not accept a crow bar because of how deep they are recessed and how tight the tolerances are. As you shut our doors, you can actually feel and hear a "whoosh" of air if the safe is fire lined. >Read More


    gun safe uni body

    Quadra-Formed 12 Bend Uni-Body Construction

    Sturdy Gun Safe's uni-body is a single piece of steel completely formed with twelve bends. It actually forms the body itself into a door seat.  >Read More


    Unbendable/Undamageable Supported Deadbolts

    Sturdy's 8" long, 7/8" solid bar active deadbolts are supported on each end and welded on. This means no matter how hard one tries to pry, or slams the door with the deadbolts sticking out, they will not deviate from their original trajectory and remain operational. >Read More


    gun safe warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    This no nonsense warranty covers fire (for fire lined safes), malfunctioning, and burglary. When it comes to fire and malfunction, we also cover shipping both ways and locksmith entry. Extra warranties available. >Read More


    gun safe weld

    1/2" Hot Welds For More Penetration And Strength

    Some safe manufacturers use cold welding to minimize cosmetic problems, but not Sturdy. There are no skip welds in the bodies of Sturdy Safes, and more welds holding the lock assembly to the door than any long gun safe on the market. >Read More


    door shelving

    3 Shelves In The Door Of Non Fire Lined Safes

    Who needs a weak door organizer when you have sturdy 10g shelving in the door? Only available in non fire lined safes. >Read More


    close up of gun safe

    Durable Paint Finish

    Sturdy Safe's semi gloss paint is laid on thick and is twice as durable as auto motive finishes. It's also easy to touch up with little notice. >Read More


    gun safe hardplate

    Drill Punch Resistant Hardened Hardplate

    Our drill punch resistant Hardplate is hardened to the extreme by another facility, and then free floating instead of welded on to not degrade its strength. It's backed by our relocker for additional security from drill entries. >Read More

    Patented Pressure Activated Relocker

    Our Relocker is not sensitive glass or spring. It's pressure activated so it will only fire when someone is putting a lot of pressure on it. You can slam the door and never worry about being locked out by accident. Glass or spring Relockers cannot do this. >Read More


    s&G gun safe dial

    Commercial Quality S&G Group 2 Model 6730 Combination Lock

    Our spin dials are commercial grade quality, key changeable and easy to read black with white numbers. >Read More


    gun safe linkage

    Damage Resistant Linkage By Eliminating All Unnecessary Moving And Problematic Parts

    Unlike our competitors, Sturdy's linkage is so strong problematic clutches and shear pins are not necessary. These parts are designed to break when force is applied, so you would need to baby their safe or get locked out. >Read More


    combination deadbolt reinforcement safe

    Combination Deadbolt Reinforcement

    We do not want to rely on the strength of a combination box for the needed strength in the lock system, like most manufacturers do. This adds about 16,000 pounds of resistance, which helps make our safes be the most durable, abusive-resistant safe on the market. >Read More


    locked out of gun safe

    Commercial Quality / Free Of Major Servicing

    Sturdy's linkage will never need to be serviced, nor will it break, even with years of abuse. We offer a lifetime of linkage warranty coverage to back up this claim. >Read More

    gun safe hinges

    Exposed Hinges

    Unlike hidden hinges, exposed hinges allow the safe door to be accidentally slammed open without damaging the hinges, as well as being able to open a full 180 degrees. >Read More

    ul src standards chart

    Exceeds UL RSC I Requirements

    To have a UL RSC I rating isn't saying much about a safe. Exceeding them, or meeting UL RSC II requirements says a lot. >Read More


    2300° Fire Insulator

    The interior is stuffed with 2.5" Of 2300° 8 lb. density Ceramic and 1" of Glass Blanket. Then it's compressed by a 16 gauge inside steel liner. 2.5" of ceramic for the entire interior, and 2" of glass blanket is added for the roof and floor, while 1" is added to the door. The side wall ceramic is compressed from 2.5", down to 2.25". If you do not add this option the safe will have no fire insulator. Click here for information on our fire rating and other detailed information.

    gun safe door cover hidden safe

    NEW! Safe Door Cover
    When it comes to safes as secure as ours, customers are most susceptible to attempted break-ins by ill equipped burglars, who usually scuff up the paint and bust off the dial, which requires locksmith entries, lock replacement costs and cosmetic paint repairs. This replaceable (and aftermarket add on) door cover should stop that non-sense, as well as add wonderful features such as door storage, and hide that a safe exists. Safes MUST be anchored down for this item.  >> Read More

    Safe Inside a Safe

    This extra thick, pry resistant safe has an interior space that measures about 12"D x 9.5"W x 4"H and is welded to the inside ceiling of the gun safe. The body is 5/16" and the door is 5/16".

    twin lock system one spin one electronic dial

    Twin Lock System- One Spin, One Electronic

    Two separate and complete locking systems that force locksmiths to breach two dials instead of just one. Both dials need to be in working condition in order to get in. One dial does not override the other. The first dial is the original spin dial (S&G group 2 model 6730 in black) that comes with the safe and the other dial is the Electronic Lock (S&G D-Drive) This option has additional benefits such as ease of access (by leaving the spin dial in the unlocked position and just using the electronic to get it). The electronic will have a 2 year warranty. Beyond the 2 year period we void the warranty wherever we state we will cover the locksmith entry and replacement dial. However, we will still honor the rest of the warranty.

    twin lock system

    Twin Lock System- Two Spin Dials

    Two, separate and complete locking systems that force a locksmith entry to breach two dials instead of just one. Both spin dials need to be in working condition in order to get in, and are S&G group 2 model 6730 (in the easy read black). One dial does not override the other.

    Electronic safe lock

    D-Drive Electronic Lock

    These type 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts and boast a longer lifespan. Fewer parts = less potential to breakEven though they will last longer, we still recommend electronic locks to be used for people who have a hard time seeing the numbers on standard dials, because, like most electronic devices, they are not made to last forever. THIS OPTION DOES AFFECT THE WARRANTY! These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries. Once you are past the two year period, the portion of the warranty where we state we will cover locksmith entries is then voided.

    key in safe dial

    Key In Dial

    This is not to be used as a quick access into the safe! It's strictly used to lock the use of the dial by anybody who has the combination to prevent entry. These cannot be put on electronic locks.

    Locksmith Resistant Hard Plate Upgrade

    A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe however, this option is designed to keep locksmiths out. It's a diamond/carbide bit resistant machine tool pin hard plate that is as hard as ball bearings. It protects the primary linkage being locked out all the way to its source. Odds are very high a locksmith would need to destroy the safe to gain access. For this option you would need to believe a burglar is smart enough to know locksmith entries, which has never happened in our whole history. THIS VOIDS A A SMALL PART OF THE LIFETIME WARRANTY by requiring the home owner to pay for the locksmith entry, if ever one is needed.

    Extra Lifetime Warranty

    To better understand what this warranty will cover, you should know what the standard warranty covers first: We will fix or replace the safe for free if it was burglarized, in a fire (for a fire lined safe), or if the safe is malfunctioning in anyway, shape or form. When it comes to the malfunctioning or fire, we will cover shipping (back and forth) as well as locksmith entries if needed. When it comes to the burglary, you would need to pay for shipping and locksmith entry, unless you get this extra warranty. >Read More

    Hand Gun Hangers

    Store More Gun hand gun hangers available! Store your pistols with 100% use of your shelving space. These are much better than door organizers simply because you do not need to cut down the gun rack or shelving about 4" to accommodate them. They fit as small as .22 caliber, or larger. Vinyl coated and made in the USA! 


    This option is great for safes located next to an outlet. Just plug it in and forget about it. Dehumidifies the safe by regulating the temperature inside. This is great for those without a fire lined safe because our fire liner is such a great insulator, most don't need to get a dehumidifier.

    Largest Eva Dry

    This dehumidifier requires more work than the Dri Rod. However, it comes in handy if you are NOT placing the safe next to an outlet. It sucks moisture out of the air in the driest climates. Once indicator says it's wet, you must plug it into an outlet for 10-12 hours till it's dry enough to put back in the safe. This is great for those without a fire lined safe because our fire liner is such a great insulator, most don't need to get a dehumidifier.
    gun safe floor plate

    Mountable Floor Plate

    This 3/16” steel plate measures 4ft x 4ft, weighs 120 lbs and comes with bolts welded to the surface where they will align with the safes anchor holes. They come in handy if you can’t anchor down to the floor. Not only do they add weight to the safe, they make the dimensions of the safe large enough to prevent the safe being able to go through average size door ways. In the garage these plates will come in handy if you can’t anchor down because you can request having the safe/anchors positioned 6” from the back and centered on the plate to make it awkward and difficult to move. We will call you to figure out what position will work best for you. >Read More

    drop slot safe

    NEW! Drop Slot Depository

    This option puts a high security slot in the door large enough to put a thick envelope through. Includes multiple anti fishing bevels and formed out of 3/16" plate steel. >Read More


    gun safe

     Dark Gray and Black Speckle

    This is the new color that comes standard. It blends in best for the majority of rooms and garages. This speckled semi gloss enamel color changes look amazing. Because of the speckle it's easy to touch up without noticing and it doesn't shows smudges so cleaning the safe will not be needed as much as solid color changes.

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