Sturdy Gun Safes Linkage Design

gun safe linkage
Damage Resistant Linkage By Eliminating All Unnecessary Moving And Problematic Parts
Sturdy Safe is the only gun safe company that eliminated the need for problematic clutches and shear pins that are designed to break within the safe when force is applied. By doing so, we have removed the possibility of getting locked out and needing a locksmith entry or repairs if they somehow break by simple everyday use or even a little abuse, such as accidentally clamping down on a strap from a rifle or minor jerking on the handle while locked. The only reason a Sturdy Safe owner would need a locksmith entry is if they lost the combination or if the dial was struck hard enough to break it. To circumvent the need for a clutch it is necessary to make the linkage and the lock so strong that no amount of human force applied to the handle shaft can damage either, as shown in our video. Sturdy Safe has about 80% fewer moving parts than other safes on the market. Fewer moving parts means fewer parts that can potentially break or slip. This gives us the advantage of making what remains over 4 times stronger than it needs to be.


  Sturdy Safe's linkage design, compared to a TL safe, and a weaker competitors safe.


locked out of gun safe
Proof Linkage Problems Exist In Competitors Gun Safes

Look at a safe’s full warranty to see what could potentially void it. It will state something like: “Don't slam the door. Extreme shock can damage the lock or jam the bolt work.” “Do not shut the door with the bolt work in the locked position. Damage to the bolt work and can mar the safe’s finish.” “Do not stack contents of the safe so that the door must be forced shut. Jamming of the bolt work may result.” This forum also proves linkage failure can happen within the first few days of owning a safe.  



8 Unbendable Fully Supported Deadbolts
Sturdy Safe's deadbolt housing helps to guide and reinforce the moving deadbolts to align properly no matter what is in the way. Even with tremendous amounts of force, our deadbolts will not deviate from their alignment. The shear strength of our 7/8" dead bolts is about 30,000lbs (8 deadbolts total). This means that no amount of prying will cause the deadbolts to move out of position or to bend like shown in this Sturdy Safe prybar video. If someone was to accidentally clamp down on a rag or a strap from a rifle while trying to close the door- Sturdy Safes are unaffected. An accidental jamming of the deadbolts on most of our competitors’ safes in this manor can cause the clutch to slip (which would lock you out and would require a locksmith opening). Be leery of companies who boast of how thick, long, or how many deadbolts their safes have, and not mention about how the deadbolts are supported. 8 deadbolts are more than enough to secure a door on a safe that is using thick steel, heavy welds, and supported deadbolts.


gun safe warranty
Free of Servicing And Repairs

Sturdy Safe's linkage will never need to be serviced, nor will it break, even with years of abuse. We offer a lifetime of linkage warranty coverage to back up this claim. Even in heavy use environments like sheriff departments, with 20 or more openings a day, our linkage has never had a single failure. The only thing an owner might want to do after 14 years is oil the deadbolts if the handle bar gets stiffer over time, or replace an electronic lock. Read more about Sturdy Gun Safe's warranty


gun safe lock

Sargent & Greenleaf Premium Grade Group II Combination With Added Reinforcements 

Sturdy Safe uses a UL rated, group II, premium grade, commercial combination lock by S&G (model "6730-009"). All group II S&G dials are NOT the same. S&G recommends this model to be used on all gun safes, yet few do because of the cost. Customers are able to change their own combination number. Although it's a fantastic lock, we do not want our lock system to rely on the strength of its combination box deadbolt like most safe manufacturers do. Reinforcement was added by Sturdy Safe to help the combination deadbolt withstand 16,000 pounds of resistance. In addition to this reinforcement, we also reinforce the back of the combination box with a 10g plate to prevent punching and manipulation to the lock.  This makes our safe the most durable, abusive-resistant safe on the market.


Watch as Terry tortures his safes several different ways using a 9lb, sledgehammer, 10,000 lb forklift, 6ft crow bar and more! Sturdy Safe is the ONLY gun safe on the market that can resist this many attacks, and require little to no repairs to get back in operation again.


2 Independent ReLocks

Sturdy Gun Safe's patented pressure activated relocker cannot be easily defeated. When one is involved in a crash in a newer model car, the car will collapse in a very predictable way; this is because the engineers have designed the car to do just that. In much the same way, Sturdy Safe has designed their relock system to engage in a particular manner. The relock engages in accordance with the amount of force being used in the attack. It is a smart relock design because it will only fire when it is needed, preventing you from being locked out (requiring a locksmith entry) with minor abuse or everyday use, which is unlike other manufacturers sensitive spring (or glass spring) relockers. It is also protected behind the hardplate, so once engaged it is difficult to disengage. The other relock can be found the S&G combination box.


gun safe hard plate
Drill Punch Resistant Hardened Hardplate Backed By A Relocker
Sturdy Safe has a properly mounted a hardplate that helps protect against drilling, punching, or manipulation to the combination box or the relockers. It floats in place and not welded on, which means no potential of fracturing at the weld point. Our oversized hardplate also helps to protect the primary piece of linkage (the combination box) all the way to its source. Sturdy also offers a Hardplate Upgrade option designed to drastically increase locksmith entry time, but it's a very serious option and not usually recommended. 


This is how easy it is to break into some 10 gauge imported gun safes.