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35.5"w 6"d 80"h | Vault Doors | Standard Size

35.5"w 6"d 80"h | Vault Doors | Standard Size

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  • Outer Dimension- 35.5"W 6"D 80"H
  • Rough Opening Dimension Minimum- 36.25"W 6"D 80.75"H (Adding 1/4" more to the height and width will have less potential errors.)
  • Whole Door Plate Thickness- 3/8" to 9/16" See package tab for more details.
  • Inside Door Jamb Dimension for an Inswing- 30"w 79.5"h  (-26.25”w at a 90 degree opening)
  • Inside Door Jamb Dimension for an Outswing- 32"w 75.5"h (28.5”w at a 90 degree opening)
  • Shipped Weight-
With Fire:
685 lb. Most Popular
800 lb. More Steel & Stainless Steel
Without Fire:
650 lb. Most Popular
750 lb. More Steel & Stainless Steel

Option Details


Most Popular

  • 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade

These are the most popular options customers order. Perfect for those who want to slow down high powered tools (grinders, sawzalls etc.) from breaching the safe. 

More Steel

  • 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade
  • Full 3/16" Door Reinforcement

The more steel, the better. Perfect for the customer who wants to add to the break in time required with high power tools in the areas it matters most. The entire 3/8" plate door will be covered in a 3/16" plate, bringing the total door thickness to 9/16".

Stainless Steel

  • 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade
  • Full 3/16" Stainless Door Reinforcement

Torch attacks happen and when they do you will be ready with the full coverage of this 3/16" thick stainless steel plate . Adds about 4x the break in time with any high power tool. One layer of 3/16" Stainless performs like 9/16" non stainless. It's the ultimate in security for torch resistance (or any other cutting tool), without all the weight of resorting to a cement filled vault.


2300° Fire Insulator

The interior is stuffed with 2.5" of 2300° 8 lb. density ceramic wool and 1"- 2”of fiberglass blanket. Then it's compressed by a 16 gauge inside steel liner. If you do not add this option the safe will have no fire insulator. 

Panic Button

This will allow you to lock yourself inside the vault with the push of a palm button as you would need for a panic room. Pulling the button unlocks. With the push button engaged it is impossible to spin the dial from the outside, thus preventing anyone from locking you inside. If you did not engage the push button and someone was to lock you in by spinning the dial on the outside (which is a very purposeful act) it would require 3 minutes of work and a couple of basic tools to get out.  

twin lock system one spin one electronic dial

Twin Lock System- One Spin, One Electronic

Adds 2x the locksmith entry time assuming both locks were locked. Comes with one S&G 6730 spin dial and one S&G Titan D-Drive electronic. Both dials need to be in working condition and unlocked in order to get in. One dial does not override the other. 

two gun safe dials

Twin Lock System- Two Spin

Adds 2x the locksmith entry time assuming both locks were locked. Comes with two S&G 6730 spin dials. Both dials need to be in working condition in order to get in. One dial does not override the other.

Electronic safe lock

D-Drive Electronic Lock 

These type 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts and boast a longer lifespan. Fewer parts = less potential to break. These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries.

key in safe dial

Key In Dial 

Stops the dial from spinning. Comes in handy if you intended on randomly locking someone out who has the combination. This is not to be used as a quick access into the safe! Not compatible with electronic locks.

Locksmith Resistant Hard Plate Upgrade 

A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe however this option is designed to slow down locksmith entries. It's a diamond /carbide bit resistant machine tool pin hard plate that is as hard as ball bearings. For this option you would need to believe a burglar is smart enough to know locksmith entries. THIS VOIDS LOCKSMITH ENTRY COVERAGE ON THE  WARRANTY.

Handgun Hangers 

Store More Gun hand gun hangers available! Store your pistols with 100% use of your shelving space. These are much better than door organizers simply because you do not need to cut down the gun rack or shelving about 4" to accommodate them. They fit as small as .22 caliber, or larger. Vinyl coated and made in the USA! 

Dri Rod Dehumidifier  

This option is great for safes located next to an outlet. Just plug it in and forget about it. Dehumidifies the safe by regulating the temperature inside.

Eva Dry 

This dehumidifier requires more work than the Dri Rod. However, it comes in handy if you are NOT placing the safe next to an outlet. It sucks moisture out of the air in the driest climates. Once indicator says it's wet, you must plug it into an outlet for 10-12 hours till it's dry enough to put back in the safe.

Extra Warranty

The extra warranty covers shipping, locksmith entry and repair/replacement in the event of a burglary. The standard warranty already covers shipping, locksmith entry and repairs/replacement in the event of malfunctioning and fire (for fire lined safes).


gun safe

Dark Gray and Black 

This is the new semi gloss textured paint color that comes standard. Because of the speckling it's easy to touch up without noticing and hides smudges.

large black sturdy gun safe

Matte and Gloss Black

Solid black is boring so we brought on the textured speckling again with a matte and semi gloss black combo. Because of the speckling it's easy to touch up without noticing and hides smudges.

black diamond plate vault door best looking
Black Diamond Plate

  • Added 10g diamond plate around the top and bottom of the door.
  • Left the handle chrome and dial black.
  • Added a pull bar with diamond shaped ends.
  • Flat and semi gloss black texture paint

distressed vault door good looking

Distressed Metal

  • Weld rivet detailing around the whole door.
  • Distressed the handle and black dial.
  • Added a pull bar.
  • Clear coated.
  • Ground strategic markings so no two distressed vaults will look alike.

antique vault door best looking

Antique Vault Finish

  • Weld rivet detailing around the whole door. Inswing Vaults will also have small 10g plates with weld rivets added to the frame.
  • Chrome handle and silver dial.
  • Added a pull bar.
  • Flat dark brown texture paint. The 8x12" plate will be left silver.

best looking old vault door
Old Hollywood Finish

  • Weld rivet detailing around the whole door. Inswing Vaults will also have small 10g plates with weld rivets added to the frame. 
  • Chrome handle and black dial.
  • Added a pull bar.
  • Flat and semi gloss black texture paint. All weld rivets and 8x12" plate will be left silver. 
 ∙  If you ordered a package that includes the 8x12" Stainless Plate around the dial it will come as pictured above, but the 8x12" Stainless Plate is not automatically included in any finish option. 

 ∙ These designs are completely customizable so ask to add your name, logo, crest or anything else. Have your own design idea? We can do that too. 

      Mounting Instructions

      Click Here to download instructions.


      Vault door mounting instructionsvault door mounting instructions 2


      Garage Delivery- The truck driver will go into your garage as long as they are physically capable of it with a pallet jack from the location of the truck. Pallet jacks don't roll well over 1" bumps, gravel, grass, steep inclines or declines. This is not a guaranteed option.

      Small Truck Request- Most freight trucks have 48ft trailers and you still need to account the tractor (roughly 15ft). Smaller truck requests can possibly get you a 28ft trailer instead of the 48ft. They are still the same height and width wise. If you feel delivery still might be problematic, we can deliver to a mover you recommend who can then bring it to you.

      • Lifetime Warranty

        We'll fix it or replace it for free! Includes group 2 mechanical spin dials.

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        We might be able to save you money from the online price depending on your location. 800-262-0023

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      • Within 7 Weeks Till Completion

        Sometimes sooner. If you're in a hurry, contact us to see what we have in stock.

      • Shipping And Tax Included

        The price you see is the price you pay. No shipping or tax charge will be added.

      Read What Comes Standard With Every Safe And Vault!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Awesome customer service

      Purchased vault door. Was quick and easy to order. All details were provided for my install crew. Door is high quality. Very impressed. 100% would recommend. I looked at several companies and most were just trying to sell inferior products at elevated prices. Customer service after the sale is outstanding. Answered all my questions promptly and professionally.

      Nice Vault Door

      I was going to need a second safe, and was finishing out my basement, and costed out building a vault, it was a no brainer. Delivered right on schedule, zero issues. Due to the way my basement was designed, there was a perfect 21' x 8' section that I blocked off and installed the vault door on. Total cost was less than a safe, with ten times the room for storage. Also camouflaged the door with a small shelf unit that slides out of the way, and installed cameras outside looking at the door, and inside at the entry to the vault for added security. Couldn't be happier.

      Vault door

      Delivered in August 2022, but just installed it Jan 23. Timely shipping, great door! Used four helpers to move it, installed in 1.5 hours! Zero issues. I had a lot of questions and customer service was terrific. They even provided a personal number in case I had problems with the dial lock during a Saturday install!

      I looked at a bunch of vault doors. This door is well made, thoughtfully designed, and does all I could ask of it. The price is amazing. I'm pretty sure one of my helpers is going to order one when he builds a new house.

      I love this door!

      Harry McGee
      perfect fit door

      after owning a 32 x 24x 60 sturdy safe i didn't hesitate ordering an inswing, 9/16" plate, fire lined vault door for new build. admittedly nervous about install but when time came, 3 big guys and a chain hoist choked to a large header, we stood up and scooted in place for a nice fit. set two 5/8 anchors on hinge side, loosely bolted and with minor shimming on bottom the door swung perfectly. set rest of anchors and grouted in with 10000lb nonshrinkable grout. absolutely perfect install and works flawlessly. couldnt be more satisfied with product and sale with Alyssa and Demetri
      thanks again,
      ne texas

      Guy K.
      Great No Frills Vault Door

      Got an in swing vault door built for me early summer of 2015 to install in my new construction. Got several great sale deals with extra armoring. Had to hoist it down into the basement and build over it (made moving a 700+ pound door a little easier). Was nervous for a year as I didn't get it installed until spring 2016. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Door with electronic lock works great. Installation was easy with 3 guys helping (remember 700 lbs mentioned earlier).
      Great cost for a solid no frills door.