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2023 Sturdy Gun Safe Catalog

Printable and downloadable catalog. The most informative catalog in the gun safe industry.

Exterior Fire Blanket Cover

No better way to protect a gun safe from fire than stopping the steel body from heating up in the first place!

Two Sturdy Safes Survive House Fire

With no water to quench things down, it's amazing anything survived a fire like this.

Mountable Floor Plates

Can't anchor down to cement? This new option is for you! Exclusively sold by Sturdy Gun Safe

Educational Sturdy Videos

Watch our gun safes take abuse like no others can! Also includes "How To" videos.

Custom Vault Door Online Ordering

Order your custom size Vault Doors instantly online. Can you believe no one else offers this?

gun safes for sale

Economical Gun Safe Series

Looking for an affordable safe and don't care what it looks like? No need to settle on our competitors thinner steeled safes at the same price point. All sizes come with a 3/16" body. Depending on the size it will come with either a 5/16" or 3/16" door. These safes won't offer some options such as thicker steel upgrades or finish upgrades, but they'll come with the same great warranty.

Sizes Available
Vault Doors for sale

Affordable Vault Doors

Easier To Install Sturdy Vaults are similar to hanging a pre-hung door in a home. Have your opening, set the vault in place, shim, anchor, and fill in any gaps with high tensile mortar. 

No Flanges / Easier To Hide A vault door without flanges can be recessed as deep into a wall as you want to go, so you can cover it easier. 

Incredibly Customizable Various sizes, options, special requests, ect. We can virtually do anything. Our finishes are the most unique in the industry as well. 

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