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Sturdy Gun Safe is usually stumbled upon by those who reaserch, or came highly recommended from others. This is because we rely on word of mouth, and wish to sell direct to save everyone on costs of advertising. With Sturdy you have the option of getting "no frills" high security, or all the bells and whistles. We welcome you to see the same value in us many intelligent, hard working customers have been looking for in gun safes, vault doors, and pistol safes. 

Lowest Price For The Steel Thickness

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Damage Resistant Linkage

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Real Fire Insulation

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Secure and Affordable Vault Doors

Black Diamond Finish Sturdy vault door in a home

Sturdy Safe News

2018 Sturdy Safe Catalog

Printable and downloadable catalog. The most informative catalog in the safe industry.

Rifle Rods Gun Rack

At no extra charge, Sturdy Safe is now offering the Rifle Rods gun racking system!

Two Sturdy Safes Survive House Fire

With no water to quench things down, it's amazing anything survived a fire like this.

Mountable Floor Plates

Can't anchor down to cement? This new option is for you! Exclusively sold by Sturdy Safe

Custom Vault Door Online Ordering

Order your custom size Vault Doors instantly online. Can you believe no one else offers this?

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