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Fire Blanket Safe Cover

Fire Blanket Safe Cover

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Meet the new Sturdy Safe Fire Blanket Safe Cover! Designed for those who wish their safe was insulated from fire better. Most safes have fire insulation on the inside which is combating an extremely heated steel body. This ingenious fire blanket slows down the steel body from heating up in the first place. Depending on the speks of the safe, it will be about 25-35 minutes before the heat transfers through the steel body enough to start heating up the cavity. If your safe was insulated internally it will add even more time before cooking the items inside.


Adjustable to fit heights of 59-60”h, widths of 23-32” and depths (measure including handles) of 19-25.5”. Total circumference needs to be between 85"-115”.

It will comfortably fit our 2419, 2822, 3224 and any size in between. 

We only designed these blankets for smaller size safes since they needed the most help in a fire. 


How it’s made:

This is a three layered blanket. The exterior is similar to a welding blanket which deflects metal slag and heated debris from penetration. Center is a special highly compressed 1/4” ceramic insulation that acts like .5” of 2500 degrees ceramic. The inside is a softer fireproof fabric to protect the safes paint and sandwich the insulation material. The d ring straps are similar to boiler gasket tape and all of it is  sewn together with fire resistant thread! 


How to apply:

fire blanket safe cover

On the back of the safe, center the smaller rectangular portion of the cover with the roof of the safe, making sure the edge of the smaller rectangle is positioned on the edge of the top back corner of the safe body. Wrap the larger rectangular part of the cover around the body, but don't strap it down since the roof stop will need to be attached first. After applying roof strap, tuck in the excess of the roof cover under the body cover, then tie the body straps down. To remove the cover to access the door just unattached the two body straps and open the blanket. Because the roof strap is still on the blanket will hang in place and not fall off. 

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Customer Reviews

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Looks great and makes my safe look hidden

Over a year and a half ago I bought the economical 3224 model safe without the fireproofing so when I heard Sturdy Safe was making this product I knew I wanted to get it for mine. The install was super easy but I would suggest if you know you’re going to install this on your safe, make sure you leave some room to wrap it around it. Also give a light wipe down of the blanket to get rid of any small loose fibers. Now with the blanket installed it looks like I just have a large piece of furniture wrapped with a heavy duty protective sheet so it adds a hidden factor to it for anyone who walks into my room.