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24"W 19"D 60"H - Model 2419

24"W 19"D 60"H - Model 2419

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Exterior Dimension- 
  ∙ 24"W 19"D 60"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle)

Interior Dimension Without Fire- 
  ∙ 23.6"W 16"D 59.6"H

Interior Dimension With Fire-
  ∙ 19"W 13"D 52"H

Body/Door Thickness-
  ∙ 4g to 9/16" See package tab below for details. 

Cubic Foot (fire lined / without fire)-
  ∙ 7.4 / 15.5


Interior #2
(with / without side shelves):

Fire Lined-  
 ∙ (4 / 11) Standard Rack or Rifle Rods
 ∙ (8) Easyout Loop - No Side Shelves Possible)

Without Fire-
 ∙ (9 / 13) Standard Rack or Rifle Rods 
 ∙ (12)  Easyout Loop - No Side Shelves Possible
Interior #3-
 ∙ Customizable. We will call you for the division.


Fire Lined-
  ∙ 695 lb. Most Popular
  ∙ 825 lb. Heavy Metal
  ∙ 969 lb. Magnum Steel, Sturdy Signature & Stainless Elite

Without Fire-
  ∙ 600 lb. Most Popular
  ∙ 730 lb. Heavy Metal
  ∙ 874 lbs. Magnum Steel, Sturdy Signature & Stainless Elite

Option Details


most popular clear gun safe

Most Popular

  • 4g Body, 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade

These are the most popular options customers order. Perfect for those who want to slow down high powered tools (grinders, sawzalls etc.) from breaching the safe. 

heavy metal safe

 Heavy Metal 

  • 4g Body, 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Door Jamb And Side Wall Reinforcement

A sensible way add 2x the break in time with high power tools in the areas it matters most. Bringing the side wall and jamb thickness to a total 7/16" thick.  

magnum metal safe

Magnum Steel

  • 4g Body, 3/8" Door
  • Full 3/16" Door And Roof Reinforcement
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Door Jamb, Back Wall And Side Wall Reinforcement

This package has layers of thick steel reinforcement secured to the majority of the safe making the body 7/16" thick and the door over a 1/2"  thick! 

sturdy signature package safe

Sturdy Signature

  • 4g Body, 3/8" Door
  • 8"x12" Stainless Door Upgrade
  • Full 3/16" Door And Roof Reinforcement
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Door Jamb And Back Wall Reinforcement
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Stainless Side Wall Reinforcement

Due to the cost of stainless we strategically placed it where it matters most and placed the non stainless as a back up everywhere else. 

stainless elite package safe

Stainless Elite 

  • 4g Body, 3/8" Door
  • Full 3/16" Stainless Door And Roof Reinforcement
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Stainless Door Jamb And Side Wall Reinforcement
  • 4-5ft of 3/16" Back Wall Reinforcement

4 times the security with only twice the weight. We left the back wall non stainless since most customers are anchoring the safe down, backed up against a wall. 

 ∙ Reinforcements come in 4ft heights for the 5ft safes and 5ft heights for the 6ft safes. Placed at the most common and comfortable level burglars attack for long periods of time. 
 ∙ The 8"x12" Stainless Upgrade protects the heart of the lock system from any high power tool attack. It's welded to the exterior of the door. 
 ∙ 3/16" Stainless performs like 9/16" non stainless steel and adds torch resistance (or any other cutting tool protection). 
 ∙ Reinforcements to the body will be visible inside the safe if the fire insulator is not ordered. However, door reinforcements can only be added to the exterior of the door and have cutouts around hinge area for possible door removal.
 ∙ Reinforcements are customizable. 

Extras & Dials

2300° Fire Insulator

The interior is stuffed with 2.5" of 2300° 8 lb. density ceramic wool and 1"- 2”of fiberglass blanket. Then it's compressed by a 16 gauge inside steel liner. If you do not add this option the safe will have no fire insulator. 

gun safe fire blanket

Fire Blanket Cover

Hide the safe and protect it from fires too! This heavy duty 2300° ceramic fire blanket goes on the outside of the safe and slows down the heating process for a minimum of 30 minutes. D-Ring strap closure. Only made for sizes 2419, 2822 and 3224.

safe door cover

Security Door Cover

10g padlock style security door to stop ill equipped burglars from incurring high repair costs with attempted break-ins. Also helps disguise the safe plus other great features. Safe MUST be anchored down for this item. Only made for sizes 2419, 2822, 3224, 3224-6, 3627 and 3627-6. 

handle and dial gun safe cover

Handle & Dial Cover

Padlock style handle and dial cover will stop ill equipped burglars from incurring high repair costs associated with breaking off the handle and dial. Made with 3/16" plate. 

Safe Inside A Safe

This extra thick, pry resistant safe has an interior space that measures about 12"D x 9.5"W x 4"H and is welded to the inside ceiling of the gun safe. The body and door is made of 5/16".

twin lock system one spin one electronic dial

Twin Lock System- One Spin, One Electronic

Adds 2x the locksmith entry time assuming both locks were locked. Comes with one S&G 6730 spin dial and one S&G Titan D-Drive electronic. Both dials need to be in working condition and unlocked in order to get in. One dial does not override the other. 

two gun safe dials

Twin Lock System- Two Spin

Adds 2x the locksmith entry time assuming both locks were locked. Comes with two S&G 6730 spin dials. Both dials need to be in working condition in order to get in. One dial does not override the other.

Electronic safe lock

D-Drive Electronic Lock 

These type 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts and boast a longer lifespan. Fewer parts = less potential to break. These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries.

key in safe dial

Key In Dial 

Stops the dial from spinning. Comes in handy if you intended on randomly locking someone out who has the combination. This is not to be used as a quick access into the safe! Not compatible with electronic locks.

Locksmith Resistant Hard Plate Upgrade 

A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe however this option is designed to slow down locksmith entries. It's a diamond /carbide bit resistant machine tool pin hard plate that is as hard as ball bearings. For this option you would need to believe a burglar is smart enough to know locksmith entries. THIS VOIDS LOCKSMITH ENTRY COVERAGE ON THE  WARRANTY.

Handgun Hangers 

Store More Gun hand gun hangers available! Store your pistols with 100% use of your shelving space. These are much better than door organizers simply because you do not need to cut down the gun rack or shelving about 4" to accommodate them. They fit as small as .22 caliber, or larger. Vinyl coated and made in the USA! 

Dri Rod Dehumidifier  

This option is great for safes located next to an outlet. Just plug it in and forget about it. Dehumidifies the safe by regulating the temperature inside.

Eva Dry 

This dehumidifier requires more work than the Dri Rod. However, it comes in handy if you are NOT placing the safe next to an outlet. It sucks moisture out of the air in the driest climates. Once indicator says it's wet, you must plug it into an outlet for 10-12 hours till it's dry enough to put back in the safe.

Extra Warranty

The extra warranty covers shipping, locksmith entry and repair/replacement in the event of a burglary. The standard warranty already covers shipping, locksmith entry and repairs/replacement in the event of malfunctioning and fire (for fire lined safes).

gun safe mountable

Mountable Floor Plate

If you can’t anchor to your foundation like normal you'll love this 3/16” steel floor plate that measures 4ft x 4ft (adjustable by request) and weighs 120 lbs. It makes the dimensions of the safe large enough to prevent the safe being able to go through average size door ways. 


gun safe interior

#1 All Shelving

Four shelves straight across. No gun rack. All shelves will hold about 150 lbs.


gun safe interior

#2 Rack & Shelves

1 top shelf (2 for 6 ft tall safes) that holds about 150 lbs., 1 gun rack, 1 side shelf that can hold about 150 lbs. and 2 ten-inch-wide bottom side shelves that hold up to 40lb each. You are able to remove the side shelves to gain the full gun capacity of the safe. 

gun safe interior

#3 Customizable 

This interior is best for those who don't have many long guns and would like larger side shelves that carry more weight. We will call you for the best division. Comes with 1 gun rack, 3 side shelves and 1 top shelf (2 for 6ft tall safes). All shelves would carry 150 lbs. 

Safe Gun Rack

 Standard Gun Rack

Holds a lot of guns and allows room for rifles with scopes. This rack is made with more rows for larger size safes. 

Safe Gun Rack

Easyout Loop Gun Rack

Get to all your guns with ease without need to take the ones out in the front to get to the ones in the back. This rack is made wider for larger size safes. 

rifle rods

Rifle Rods Gun Rack 

Have the potential to store more guns than our Standard Rack. The safe will come with as many rods as our Standard Rack will carry without side shelves.


 ∙ Every gun rack and shelf is fully adjustable up and down as well as removable.

 ∙ View the scaled interior size chart for non fire lined safes specifically for the model you are interested in. Fire lined safes have one less row of guns exposed. 


gun safe

Dark Gray and Black 

This is the new semi gloss textured paint color that comes standard. Because of the speckling it's easy to touch up without noticing and hides smudges.

large green sturdy gun safe

Hunter Green and Black

This is a semi gloss textured dark green paint with black speckling. Because of the speckling it's easy to touch up without noticing and hides smudges.

large black sturdy gun safe

Matte and Gloss Black

Solid black is boring so we brought on the textured speckling again with a matte and semi gloss black combo. Because of the speckling it's easy to touch up without noticing and hides smudges.


Black Diamond Plate

  • 10g Diamond plate around the exterior top and bottom door edges as well as front right and left jamb.
  • Silver handle and black dial.
  • Pull bar with diamond shaped ends. 
  • Matte and semi gloss black texture paint.

    antique brown safe

    Antique Chest

    • 10g plate around the exterior top and bottom edges, along with two more plates evenly spaced in the center on the right and left side walls. Comes with weld rivet detailing.
    • Silver handle, dial, and 8x12" plate.
    • Pull bar and tie down rings to the sides.
    • Painted dark brown.

    clear metal antique chest gun safe

    Antique Clear 

    • 10g plate around the exterior top and bottom edges, along with two more plates evenly spaced in the center on the right and left side walls. 
    • Silver handle, dial, and 8x12" plate. 
    • Pull bar and tie down rings to the sides.
    • Painted clear.
    • Kept the natural condition of the steel.

    great best looking gun safe

    Old Hollywood 

    • 10g plate around the exterior top, bottom and middle of the safe body.
    • Black dial and silver handle.
    • Weld rivet detailing around added 3/16" plates and 8x12" stainless upgrade.
    • Painted black, but cleared all the rivets and stainless plate.

    freedom flag gun safe finish

    Freedom Flag 

    • 10g plate American Flag on the door, which is accented in white and red paint.
    • 10g plate American Eagles on the right and left sides.
    • 10g plate on the top and bottom door jamb.
    • Silver dial and handle.
    • Weld rivet detailing.
    • Painted clear.

    modern circle black gun safe

    Modern Ring 

    • 10g plate with circles cut out and reapplied on the door. 
    • 10g plate with circles cut out and reapplied on the exterior  right and left sides.
    • 10g plate inside on the right and left door jamb.
    • Black dial and silver handle.
    • Weld rivet detailing.
    • Painted black.

    good looking gun safe

    Mean Metal  

    • Full 10g plate added to the exterior roof, door, door jambs, sides and back wall. 
    • Weld rivet detailing.
    • Painted clear.

     ∙ Some finishes add steel in conjunction with adding security. The added steel plate will be applied with plug welds and finished to look like rivets.
     ∙ If you ordered a package that includes the 8x12" Stainless Plate around the dial it will come as pictured above, but the 8x12" Stainless Plate is not automatically included in any finish option. 
     ∙ Depending on the size safe and package, some security finishes may be front heavy and require the safe to be anchored down before use to prevent injury or death. 
     ∙ These designs are customizable so ask to add a plaque or anything else. 


      Garage Delivery- The truck driver will go into your garage as long as they are physically capable of it with a pallet jack from the location of the truck. Pallet jacks don't roll well over 1" bumps, gravel, grass, steep inclines or declines. This is not a guaranteed option.

      Small Truck Request- Most freight trucks have 48ft trailers and you still need to account the tractor (roughly 15ft). Smaller truck requests can possibly get you a 28ft trailer instead of the 48ft. They are still the same height and width wise. If you feel delivery still might be problematic, we can deliver to a mover you recommend who can then bring it to you.

      Read What Comes Standard With Every Safe!

      • Shipping And Tax Included

        The price you see is the price you pay. No shipping or tax charge will be added. You can also add covers on the safes order page to save money by shipping with a safe.

      • Lifetime Warranty

        We'll fix it or replace it for free! Includes group 2 mechanical spin dials.

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        We might be able to save you money from the online price depending on your location. 800-262-0023

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      • 6 Weeks Till Completion

        Sometimes sooner. If you're in a hurry, contact us to see what we have in stock to ship within 2 weeks.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 85 reviews
      Great safe

      I've owned one of these since 2015 and I've had zero issues with it. I'd highly recommend it. As a word of caution for anyone maybe reading this, this safe absolutely destroyed one of those "heavy duty" appliance dolly's that Costco sold back in 2015. Be very careful when moving this safe. My neighbor ended up coming over with his ATV with a winch (with 2x6's) to help get it up 2-3 concrete steps that I have in my front yard.


      The customer service and quality with Sturdy safe are excellent. I want to purchase a safe. I did a lot of research on different brand safe for more than 2 years. I finally make my decision to purchase from Sturdy safe.
      I was impressed to learn that Sturdy use 4 gauge steel for the body and 3/8 steel for the door. There are many company in the market using thin layer of steel between 14 gauge to 11 gauge. There isn’t many company using 4 gauge of steel in the market. Because the thicker the steel is more expensive, and the profits is less for the company. There is also other options on Sturdy website if you want to add more steel to your safe body to make it more secure.
      I also want to say thank you very much for the assistance that Alyssa had given me during my purchase. I called many many times to asked questions about the safe, and Alyssa always being professional and patience to answer all my questions. She never put any pressure on me to buy like the other company did.
      A safe can last for a life time or many many years to come. This is why you must do research before you purchase one. I’m so glad that I find this company during my research. This company tell you everything up front in the website & No hidden secret. Sturdy safe is also family owned business sine 1959 and is in business for 4 generation.
      I’m happy with my safe, and a secure peace of mind knowing that I’m getting better quality and thicker steel to compare to other brand name company safe. THANK YOU !

      Jay Again
      To add...

      I also forgot to mention the exceptional customer service Study Safe offers. I don't know a lot about the company except what i read on their site and saw in Youtube videos, but you are dealing with people who make a great product and clearly take pride in their products and services. Any time i called or emailed, my questions and concerns were addressed professionally and promptly. They are good to go. I will buy another Study Safe in the future.

      i'll buy another sturdy

      A little research revealed that Sturdy makes really good safes focusing on thick steel and strong welds rather than fancy interiors and multiple color options. That's pretty much what i wanted. I don't need a fancy interior, just a safe that will keep people out and protect my things. Don't expect really fancy interiors with this safe.

      I took delivery of my new Sturdy Safe last week. I got the 2419 model after a lot of research and measuring and thinking about it. I was planning to upgrade the steel package to magnum or heavy metal but decided to go with most popular. I live in an urban area close to the fire department but not sure where i will live in the future so i added the fire liner. Also due to the fact that i live in an apartment complex, i thought that added to the fire risk considering i have no control over that my neighbors are doing or the maintenance of fire countermeasures in the building. The fire liner does considerably lower the safe capacity but to me it's worth it for the security. I thought about getting a non fire lined safe and keeping a fire resistant box in the safe but why not just have the whole thing protected? I also opted for the floor plate because i see myself possibly putting this in an area i am unable to bolt it to the floor.

      This safe is very sturdy, the door gap is very tight which will prevent pry attacks. I will most likely get another Sturdy Safe down the line. Thank you Sturdy Safe.

      Steve Kelly
      New customer, very pleased!

      I just took delivery of my new model 2419 with the "most popular" metal package and rifle rods system. I forewent the fire protection, as I could not sacrifice that much interior room (I'm significantly space constrained, so could not opt for a larger safe). Wow was this safe a piece of heavy metal! My son and I were able to tip it from the pallet onto a wheeled dolly, roll it to the right spot, and tip it into position--but it was no cake walk. Securing it wasn't too hard, using the helpful videos as a guide. My advice... plan very very carefully before starting to move the safe.

      The safe turned out to be roomier than expected -- probably due to the rifle rod system. The manual lock is smooth and easy to operate (one I got the hang of it).

      Thanks Sturdy Safe team for making such a great product and providing great service. The steel thickness and construction make the typical competitor products look/feel like useless junk.

      Oh, BTW - the shipper helpfully wheeled the unit (which was strapped upright to a pallet) around the back of my house into my garage and aligned it with my door. I wasn't even there -- my wife took delivery with no hassle. It was very well wrapped/protected and had zero damage.