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Aerial Shot- 2 of 4 warehouses of Sturdy Gun Safe Company


General Information: Sturdy Gun Safe Inc. is one of the best commercial gun and vault door manufacturers in the USA. Family owned and operated since 1959 in Fresno, Ca. Sturdy is also a repair station for all major brand safes. 30% of our gun safe sales are to the Departments of Justice, Police Departments, Sheriffs Departments, Police Academies, Homeland Security personal and many other law enforcement and government agencies. The company is currently being ran by the 4th generation to be working at the property.

American Made: 100% of the safes assembly and steel is made in America. American supplies are also purchased as much as possible. The people working for the company are, you guessed it, Americans. Because we are truly manufacturing the safes here, we are capable of doing many customizations the majority of gun safe manufacturers can't do. 

Our Prices: Sturdy Gun Safe Company is known for its low pricing (when compared to other safes with equally thick steel) because we feel you should have the quality you need without paying for the gimmicks. We also have no costly markups because we have low overhead costs since we own the buildings and machinery. We don't drive around in Lamborghini's or own mansions. We aren't trying to make a killing, but a living for ourselves and our employees. Sturdy currently spends about $200 a month in advertising. Word of mouth keeps us thriving, so when you get your Sturdy Safe, be sure to spread the word and help us out.

We Believe...

  • our commercial quality safes should be designed to take abuse and last for generations. 
  • it's easy to get happy customers, by giving them exactly what they think they are getting, or better.
  • in Christian principals, and we run the company as such.
  • in earning every dollar with hard work, and that dosen't give us much time for vacations. 
  • every owner of our products should feel a part of the Sturdy family and we will keep them happy by great customer service for a lifetime.


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Terry Pratt with his wife Toni Pratt and their daughter Alyssa (who is the model of the site) pictured in the Fresno Bee newspaper.


About Terry, the man who started it all:

43 Years Steel Fabrication

The owner Terry Pratt, worked in steel fabrication for over 43 years because of his father, who owned Sturdy before him. He was 13 when he started.

Built Numerous Difficult Items

Terry's fabrication skills allows him to build various difficult items such as house boats, trusses, steel warehouses, high security boxes, safe locking assemblies of various types, and making upgrades to other safe brand's existing lock system and beams.

Prototyped Designs

Terry has done tremendous amounts of prototype work for safes, tool boxes, and oil field separator tanks.

Many Good Influences

Terry has been blessed by many friends that he shares thoughts with who are professionals in engineering, locksmithing, fire investigation, and

Fire Investigation Training

He has had some training in fire investigation by one of the premier fire investigators of California during the time he experimented/tested his fire safe.

He Loves His Job

For Terry, this isn't a job, it's a way of life that he loves because he gets to work with his family and help people.

Warehousing, And Customer Service Training

Terry's father trained him in every area of manufacturing including customer service and warehousing. He is more than a jack of all trades, he is someone who utilizes his talents on an everyday basis.


Terry takes the time to educate his customers on buying safes and share his expertise. Sturdy Safe is a stepping stone of experience for people looking to get jobs in steel fabrication, so Terry takes the time to teach them as well.

Industrial Machine Repairmen

Terry was an industrial machine repairmen at another company when he was younger. He still utilizes these skills on his own machines today.

Good Principles

His principals, such as honesty, quality, good work ethics, and faith has helped him run the company.