How To Find The Best Gun Safe For The Money

How To Find The Best Gun Safe For The Money

There are 3 things that separate Sturdy Gun Safe from the competition that make us the best gun safe for the money.

Our overall steel thickness for the price you pay, the fact that we use a real fire insulator in our fire safes and our abuse proof linkage design made to last a lifetime.

sturdy gun safe steel thickness  
1. Steel Thickness For The Price


When comparing our steel body thickness to other safes with comparable steel thicknesses and size, our bottom line delivered price will be less money every time.

You don't have real security unless you have real thick steel. Rule of thumb: when a safe manufacturer isn't bragging what gauge thickness their body is made of, it's nothing to be bragging about. 

3/16" On a body is where you need to be to stop all non-powered tools like pike axes and crowbars.

Doubling the thickness of steel results in a safe that is 8x stronger.

Sturdy has various packages in which the customer can choose from and decide how secure they want their safe to be:


sturdy gun safe added steel plate location


White areas are available in 7 or 4 gauge (except the door, which is thicker).

Orange areas are reinforced with 3/16″ steel sheet.

Blue areas are reinforced with one or more layers of 3/16″ stainless steel depending on which package you choose.


2. Real Fire Insulator

Sturdy doesn't use a bunch of cheap sheetrock or plaster of paris, when it comes to our fire insulation. 

We use a real fire insulator that is actually made to insulate objects from fires, such as ovens and kilns making it the best gun safe value.

It's the lightest, most effective material that can be used on the market. Our fireproof safes have survived multiple accidental home burn downs. 

Fire is the biggest concern for most buyers. The National Fire Protection Association says that, during an average lifetime, there’s a 1 and 4 chance of experiencing a household fire large enough to warrant calling the fire department in the United States.

Sturdy Gun Safe uses 2300 degree, 8 lb. density ceramic wool and glass blanket to line our fireproof safes.

Most manufacturers make claims about their fire ratings that just aren’t true. These companies did one of two things:

Made up the rating and never had it tested, or, took their safe to a facility that was not UL, and requested them to eliminate testing with cool down time and point of no return (which UL will not do) in order to make the fire safe test accordingly.

Sturdy Safe’s true insulator is not cheap and will not lose structural integrity, even after a fire, like most other manufacturers will, making Sturdy Safes far superior in this field.

It is very important to remember that you are buying yourself time when it comes to protecting your valuables from a fire, even in a safe.

Your home’s proximity to the local fire department should be considered as well when looking into the overall gun safe value.

  gun safe linkage

3. Linkage The Can Take Abuse Without Breaking


We don’t use any parts designed to break as a "security feature" when force is applied.

You can do things our competitors won't allow, such as slamming the door, without the worry of locking yourself out and needing repairs. 

Sturdy Safe is the only gun safe company that eliminated the need for problematic clutches and shear pins that are designed to break within the safe when force is applied.

By doing so, we have removed the possibility of getting locked out and needing a locksmith entry or repairs if they somehow break, by simple everyday use or even a little abuse, such as minor jerking on the handle while locked. The only reason a Sturdy Safe owner would need a locksmith entry is if they lost the combination or if the dial was struck hard enough to break it.

To circumvent the need for a clutch it is necessary to make the linkage and the lock so strong that no amount of human force applied to the handle shaft can damage either.

We have several videos on our website demonstrating this.

Sturdy Safe has about 80% fewer moving parts than other safes on the market. Fewer moving parts mean fewer parts that can potentially break or slip.

When shopping for a safe, look at its full warranty to see what could potentially void it. It will normally state something like: “Don't slam the door. Extreme shock can damage the lock or jam the bolt work.” “Do not shut the door with the bolt work in the locked position.

Damage to the bolt work and can mar the safe’s finish.” “Do not stack contents of the safe so that the door must be forced shut. Jamming of the bolt work may result.” Statements like these should make you weary.

Final Words 


If you are looking for true gun safe value, Sturdy Safe is the best gun safe for the money hands down.

As mentioned above, our steel thickness for the price is unbeatable.

Our fire insulator is one of the best in the business, without all of the confusion when it comes to other manufactures’ made up ratings.

Our linkage is designed for abuse, and is made to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance.

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