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 Intimidator Fire Insulator

The Whole Door Is Stuffed The Exact Same Way, With 2.5" Of 2300° Ceramic & 1" of Glass Blanket. Then, It's Compressed By A 16 Gauge Inside Steel Liner. A fire gasket cannot be added.  Click here for information on our fire rating and other detailed information. 


This will allow you to lock yourself inside the vault with the push of a palm button, such as you would need for a panic room. Pulling the button unlocks. With the push button engaged, it is impossible to spin the dial from the outside, thus preventing anyone from locking you inside. If you did not engage the push button and someone was to lock you in by spinning the dial on the outside (which is a very purposeful act) it would require 3 minutes of work and a couple of basic tools to get out. 

Twin Lock System- One Spin, One Electronic

Two, separate and complete locking systems that force locksmiths to breach two dials instead of just one. Both dials need to be in working condition in order to get in. One dial does not override the other. The first dial is the original spin dial (S&G group 2 model 6730 in black) that comes with the safe, and the other dial is the Electronic Lock (S&G D-Drive) This option has additional benefits such as, ease of access (by leaving the spin dial in the unlocked position, and just using the electronic to get it). The electronic will have a 2 year warranty. Going beyond the 2 year mark: we void the warranty wherever we state we will cover the locksmith entry, and replacement dial. However, we will still honor the rest of the warranty.

Twin Lock System- Two Spin Dials
Two, separate and complete locking systems, that force a locksmith entry to breach two dials instead of just one. Both spin dials need to be in working condition in order to get in, and are S&G group 2 model 6730 (in the easy read black). One dial does not override the other.

D-Drive Electronic Lock

These light up group 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts, and boast a longer longevity. Less parts = less to potentially breakEven though they will last longer, we still recommend electronic locks to be used for people who have a hard time seeing the numbers on standard dials, because, like most electronic devices, they are not made to last forever. These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries. 

Gold Hardware
Add instant class to your color changed safe by switching the handle, dial and decals to gold. Perfect for those searching for beauty and brawn.

Key In Dial
This is not to be used as a quick access into the safe! It's strictly to lock the dial on whoever else you gave the combination to, so they cannot get in. These cannot be put on electronic locks.

Locksmith Resistant Hard Plate Upgrade
A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe, however, this option is designed to keep locksmiths outIt's a diamond/ carbide bit resistant, machine tool pin hardplate, as hard as ball bearings, that protects the primary linkage being locked out, all the way to it's source. Odds are very high a locksmith would need to destroy the safe in order to gain access in. For this option, you would need to believe a burglar is smart enough to know locksmith entries, which has never happened in our whole history.  THIS VOIDS A SMALL PART OF THE LIFETIME WARRANTY by making the  home owner pay for the locksmith entry if ever one is needed.

Extra Lifetime Warranty
To better understand what this warranty will cover, you should know what the standard warranty covers first: We will fix or replace the safe for free if you were burglarized, in a fire (for a fire lined safe), or if the safe is malfunctioning in anyway, shape or form. When it comes to the malfunctioning or fire, we will cover shipping (back and forth) as well as locksmith entries if needed. When it comes to the burglary, you would need to pay for shipping and locksmith entry (unless you get this extra warranty).  
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