UL Fire Ratings On Long Gun RSC Gun Safes

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Similar to sunscreen ratings, long gun RSC fire ratings keep going up and don't offer anymore protection than they used to.

Majority of fire ratings on long gun safes are misleading, so why give them any clout? Do all gun safes have this rating?

We will go over these questions and more as we explain why Sturdy Safe doesn’t carry a UL Fire Rating.

What is a UL Fire Rating for gun safes?

UL is a reputable and popular testing laboratory products get tested by.

They keep to their high standards and don't deviate from their testing methods per request of the company getting the product tested. Because of this they have very realistic ratings.

Do all long gun safes have a UL Fire Rating?

One first needs to understand UL Fire Ratings on RSC long gun safes do NOT exist.

There are UL Fire Ratings on small RSC safes that are not long gun safes and there are UL RSC ratings that have nothing to do with fire, so be sure to not confuse the two.

You will also find there are UL Fire Ratings on the insulator being used, but that doesn't mean the safe was also tested, or that the safe all perform the same as the insulator alone did.

Therefore, these ratings you see are either made up by the manufacturer, or taken to another facility that would eliminate half the test UL would have done to simply make it look like it would do well in a fire.

The resulting affect is customers comparing fake fire rating to fake fire rating.

What is the best fire insulator on the market for gun safes?

Sturdy uses expensive 2300 degree Ceramic Wool as the main player in their fire protection.

Ceramic Wool is designed to insulate objects from fires such as ovens and kilns. With such a good insulator, why doesn't Sturdy get fire tested by UL?

Like the UL RSC Rating, the answer is still extremely high costs which would need to be passed down to the customer.

In addition, customers would still be comparing fake ratings to actual UL Fire Rating.

Sturdy Gun Safe combats all this fake fire rating nonsense by simply not stating any sort of rating and educating customers about the ratings.

Sturdy had tested their insulator in fully furnished home burn downs with arson investigators to figure out what insulator would work best in a fire.

Their safes also went through multiple accidental burn downs with success with volunteer fire departments.

Is a UL Fire Rating on a long gun safe important?

This is an awesome rating to carry, but no RSC long gun safe on the market currently has one.

Customers would still be comparing unrealistic ratings to an actual UL Fire Rated safes.

It's just not worth the price inflation to get the rating, especially when Sturdy has already tested in fully furnished home burn downs with arson investigators and has gone through accidental burn downs with success with volunteer fire departments.

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