Gun Safe Door Cover

hidden safe door cover

Multipurpose Safe Door Cover

  • Helps prevent costly repairs with locksmith entries and cosmetic damage to minor attempted break-ins by covering the dial and handle.
  • Adds additional security by increasing break-in time. 
  • Hides the safe, even in plain site.
  • Replaceable in the event it gets damaged.
  • Available as a retrofit for virtually any safe on the market. It's installed from the front of the safe so it can still be mounted if both sides of the safe are inaccessible. 
  • Helps in the event of a fire by adding a dead air space barrier and additional fire gasket. 
  • Adds a storage area with shelving for potentially storing tooling, medical supplies, or anything else.
  • 10g Construction
  • Replaceable Swing Away Hinged Latch That Helps Pull The Door Tight Against The Safe Jamb. 
  • 16g International Shelving (adds rigidity and security)
  • Allows For Padlock (bolt cutting resistant preferred) 
  • High Quality Fire Gasket 
  • Reverse Swing Available 
  • Custom Sized With Special Request Options Available

ATTENTION!!! Due to the weight, these covers make the safe very front heavy and will only be offered on safes 36" wide or less. All safes must be anchored down before use of this product. Drilling is required for retrofit kits. Call to order á la cart.