How A Sturdy Safe Without Fire Liner Performed In A House Fire

gun safe in a house firegun safe in a home fire

This 32w 24d 72h, 3/16" body, non fire lined Sturdy Safe went through a partial house burn. No one was expecting it to have survived. It was located in the garage by the wall that shared the kitchen on the other side, where the fire started. Everything inside the garage including cars, work benches and water heater, was destroyed, as well as, the kitchen, some of the living room, and the whole roof of the home. The fire department had about a 13 minute response time. Unfortunately, the customer had not notified us of the burn until they were already rebuilding the home, which was a few months later. The builders had worked around the safe since it was anchored down. During this time burglars had shown up and failed to break into it! Their break in attempts were amateur but this is what lead our customer to finally give us a call to open it.



gun safe survives house firegun safe survives house fire

As you can see, it's not in perfect condition but pretty impressive for a non fire safe, and will give you a realistic idea of what to expect from a partial burn with a non fire lined safe of this size and gauge thickness. You can see paper documents, ammo boxes, plastic bags, the orange warning sticker to the top right of the door and silver duct tape on the center of the door.