Rifle Rod Gun Racking System In Sturdy Gun Safes

If you are looking to organize your long guns into a smaller space more efficiently, with easier access, then Rifle Rods are the way to go. These Rifle Rods work with a patented hook and loop based system that will individually stabilize each long gun you own in the upright position. Typically we know that leaning your long guns against the safe walls may cause scratches, as well as take up much of your space. This system will allow you to stack your long guns as many as four rows deep depending on your shelf size, giving you 50% more space to work with. The Shelf Liner not only works in gun safes, but also on cabinets, and in closets. Anywhere that you have a shelf, the liner will apply. These injection molded plastic Rifle Rods will not damage your barrel, and will work equally well for any shotguns or scoped rifles. There is no need to buy another safe when storage gets tight, when you can buy these rifle Rods!

Specs- The total length of the Rife Rods are 16", and each rod will fit any rifle as small as a 22. caliber. Each Rifle Rod is injected molded plastic with welded hook fabric on top. The shelf liner is industrial grade 100% nylon fabric that will not fray over time.

Installation- To install the rifle rods, remove the gun rack inside your safe, then size, fit and attach the loop-fabric Shelf Liner that we provide directly above your long guns. Slide a Rifle Rod down the barrel of each gun and pull it up, once you do this, simply attach the top of the rod to the bottom of the shelf, and your done. If you have varying lengths of guns, we recommend that you arrange them together.