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Custom Requests And Customer Altered Safes

We can fabricate most custom requests (like some pictures below), but sometimes we have talented customers who do it on their own. We are unique because customers can make their own alterations and it will not affect the warranty, as long as they do not change the linkage, or dial. If you would like to share your alterations or custom requests we built for you, just let us know.

Altered safe inside a safe, to a briefcase safe.

Customer altered LED rope lighting.

Altered interior for long gun door storage.

Customer altered gun rack and mirror.

Altered paint, inside black instead of gray.

Customer altered light switch.

Altered handle, painted black.

Customer built in safe cabinetry.

Altered, screw off, heavy duty eyelet on roof.

Altered handgun hooks on door.

Altered Cube safe mounted inside a 3627.

Altered speckled paint job.

Altered anchor holes for wall studs. 

Customer altered ring mount with cable through the triggers.

gun safe floor plate

Security floor plate for safe to mount to. Comes in handy if you can't anchor down. The plate won't fit through most door openings and is awkward to carry out. 

Customer altered door organizer.