2 Gun Safes Survive House Fire With No Water From Fire Department

house after fire

Our customer was 45 minutes away from his home when he got the call notifying him and his wife that their house was on fire. As they arrived, the volunteer fire department was already on the scene.

gun safes after house fire

Unfortunately, the driveway up to the home was to steep for their trucks.

gun safes after house fire

The pond that was also there to provide fire protection to the home had frozen over, so no water was able to reach the house and aid in fighting the flames.

Gun safes survive house fire

We are not sure how long the fire had lasted or how high the temperature had got but there were still things burning after 4 hours, until there was nothing left to burn at all.

Gun safe after house fire

The safes were not anchored into the ground, but were currently on a cement foundation, sitting next to each other in the garage area.

gun safe survives

As expected, the larger safe performed better than the smaller safe over all. The items towards the bottom half of the safe faired better than ones stored at the top.

gun safe after house fireThe most important valuables that survived on the top shelf were the customer’s pistols, pictures, yearbooks, his paper documents and his wife's wedding ring set, which was still in the box.

gun safe after house fire

Each safe was equipped with a 3/8” electrical hole. The contents around the holes were not affected. The notable items that survived the bottom half of the safe were all the large rifles, as you can see in the pictures.

gun safe survived house fire

What the customer would like the public to know is to never store your guns loaded, and to store any ammo you may have in a separate container altogether. Doing this will give the other items in the safe a better chance of surviving something like this. It took a professional locksmith 2-1/2 half days to open both safes completely. The fire seal was a great asset to the safes survival in this situation, so remember never to remove them or replace them with anything else. The customer’s final remarks were as followed: “Sturdy Safe had excellent customer service, and they replaced my safes as soon as they could. I’m extremely thrilled with Sturdy, and would recommend them to anybody”.