Best Safes And Vault Doors Designed For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries And Cannabis Farmers / Growers

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Safe
Sturdy Safe offers many high security options to satisfy the needs of cannabis growers and marijuana dispensaries alike. 
We also satisfy the needs of their demanding insurance agents and their requirements for security safes.
Once you research you will come to the conclusion hundreds of thousands of cannabis farmers, medical dispensaries, and government agencies already have, that Sturdy Safe is the most affordable security solution on the market.
Some of the options talked about below are not offered online so one must order them over the phone.

Cannabis Safe Features/Options  
gun safes broken into
Thick Steel: 
Not many safes or vaults on the market use steel this thick.
There is no "smash and grab" possible with our 3/16" thick steel bodies and 5/16" thick steel doors.
If you need the safe or vault thicker, we can do so and provide torching resistance. 
Too many dispensaries make the mistake of getting cheaper thin steeled safes that can be breach with tools that aren't even powered, such as axes, crowbars and sledgehammers. 

Custom Sizes: 
Perhaps you are trying to hide the safes inside a cabinet or under a counter.
We can make any size to fit your needs as shown in the video above.
The safe shown were custom made for a dispensary. 

By request we can add door seals on our safes are not only great for all weather conditions, but also helps keep odor and control humidity inside.
Our gasket design will trap any and all odor from inside the safe.
Being able to control humidity is great for keeping your cannabis fresher, longer.
Depending on your location, you may need a dehumidifier, or humidifier based on your needs.
We were able to test our door seals with a colored smoke bomb, enclosed inside of the safe.
No smoke was seen or smelled after the door was closed and the seal was engauged. 
cannabis grower farmer safe
Separate Managers Safe: 
A separate, and equally secure safe can be mounted inside just for the boss.
This feature is great for keeping other valuables separate from employees and anyone else with access to the main safe, and for objects needing twice the amount of security.
This option comes with a group 2 S&G spin dial, made with a 3/16" body and 5/16" door.
For those looking to place their safe in an office or store front, this feature is ideal.
Cash, personal documents and anything else of extra value can be placed inside the managers safe. 
marijuana dispensary safe lock
Audit Electronic Lock: 
Keep track of who goes in the safe, and what time they make access, with our electronic audit lock.
This option comes with many other features such as lock out times for all employees/users, silent alarm if breached for a fast police response time, and programmable with up to 30 different users at a time.
This lock is ideal for those customers who are allowing employee access into the safe on a daily basis.
If this lock is not desirable, many dispensaries and growers find high security key locks best suited for them.
If you would like another lock, we can do that. 

Indestructible Linkage: 
No need to worry about your employees getting ruff and damaging the safe.
Our robust linkage is not designed to break, even with years of abuse.
As long as the dial is in working condition, your safe will be completely operational for generations to come.
Even a 10,000 lb forklift pulling on the door won't stop the linkage from operating. 
safe for cannabis marijuana
Many Shelves With Organization System: 
Storage is key, you can count on having more storage than you'll need.
This design is perfect for rows of product and maximum space efficiency inside the safe.
In our model 3627 alone, over 100 pounds will fit comfortably.
Shelves can be made of steel to increase capacity even more.
We can also add flanges to the metal shelves so you can easily add names or descriptions for better organization. 
Huge Secret Compartments: 
If somebody is holding a gun to your head, you will more than likely open the safe, but you can't give them what they can't see.
We can place it wherever works best for your size and options.
Unlike our competitors, we don't disclose what they look like or how they operate publicly. 
Drop Slot For Cash:
If you need your employees to secure cash quick, this drop slot if for you.
It will offer a way to prevent anyone from "fishing out" the cash as well. 
Location of it will vary depending on your size and options.

Discreet Shipping and Payments: 
Is that a refrigerator or a cabinet?
With our discrete shipping methods only you will know what is really coming off that freight truck.
We also understand cash payments are preferred, so we except money orders, checks and cash money all the same. 

For those in the exponentially growing, and fast paced marijuana industry, it is simply a necessity. 
There are many reasons a dispensary or marijuana farmer could possibly need a high security commercial grade safe.
Not all needs are the same, so let Sturdy Safe help you in your search for the best safe to use in your business.
Growers as well as dispensaries are forced to look over highly valued product day in and day out.
Having a safe in place that can protect your business from every angle, is absolutely needed.
At Sturdy Safe, our thick steel and audit controlled electronic lock are just two of the features that separate our safe from the rest.
In this post, I will be explaining the significance of all our cannabis safe options, as well as why they are necessary.