Mountable Floor Plate For Gun Safes

What is the best way to anchor a safe down to the floor without bolting to concrete? A Mountable Floor Plate!

gun safe mountable floor plate
Thickness: 3/16”
Measures: 4ft x 4ft
Weight: 120 lbs
Bolt Diameter: 1/2"  
Bolt Length: Depends on the options purchased.
Paint: Semigloss Enamel Black
Flange For Anchoring To Wall Studs (optional): 4"
Comes with nuts welded recessed into the surface of the plate where they will align with the safes anchor holes and practically snap in place. 
It will also come with the correct size bolts to anchor with.

Why get the mountable floor plate?

This is a fantastic option if you can't anchor to the ground to prevent the safe from being stolen. To make moving the safe more difficult, this plate adds weight.
For 5ft and 6ft tall safes it also makes the dimensions of the safe large enough to prevent the safe being able to go through average size door ways. 
For 3ft tall or smaller safes they make the dimension of the safe a lot larger and awkward to move.
In the garage these plates will come in handy if you can’t anchor down because you can request having the safe/anchors positioned 6” from the back and centered on the plate to make it awkward and very difficult to move.
At no extra charge we can add a flange on the back so you can also anchor the safe to a few studs in the wall.
We will call you to figure out what position and options will work best for you. If you need it to be a different size or shape (without defeating the purpose of the plate), we can do that.
Some requests might be an extra charge. 

Things to know:
  • The safe will need to be lifted up about 1/4" to get over the nuts. This is going to be difficult mainly due to the safes weight and needing to shift the safe around till you align the nuts with the anchor holes. Since the nuts are slightly raised, it will make it easier to notice they are aligned.
  • If the safe is large and heavy, you might want to get moving men sliding disks to help slide the safe around. Leaving them under the safe is fine if they are not in the way of the anchor holes. 
  • If this plate doesn't seem like a good option for you, we can add anchor holes to the side or back wall of the safe so you can anchor to a wall. Each hole is a $25 option.
  • These plates are painted but shifting the safe over it and walking on them continuously will start to mar the paint over time. Keeping it up by painting it with a semi-gloss black spray paint will be easy to do. Alternatively one can cover it with carpet.
  • For safety reasons it's best to make sure the safe is not pitched forward while on the plate. Always use caution while opening the door before anchoring to prevent the safe from falling forward, causing injury or death. 
  • If the plate ends up laying on tile, hardwood, or laminate, it's best to add a soft protective layer (such as a thin felt fabric) under the plate to protect the flooring. 
  • If the plate is going on a bare cement surface you will need 1/4” worth of air flow underneath the plate to prevent rusting. Accomplish this with multiple steel nuts primarily located where the safe will rest and some on each corner. Alternatively you can get a moisture barrier mat to set it on. 
  • All sharp edges will be removed however you may stub your toe depending on how high you lift the plate from the ground. 
  • These are custom fit, so safes must be at our facility to get this option.