Sturdy Gun Safe's Sold In Anchorage

Sturdy Gun Safe sells direct to customers in Anchorage, AK. Anchorage is the home of countless Sturdy Safes in the state of Alaska.  

Delivery costs are included in the online pricing for the connecting US states, so you will need to contact us for pricing.


sturdy safe finishes

If your looking for a better bang for your buck in your area, you found it here.



Sturdy Offers:

  • 3/16" (7g) and thicker steel on the body
  • 5/16" and thicker steel on the door
  • stainless upgrades
  • 2.5" of 8 lb. density ceramic wool fire liner
  • unique finishes
  • linkage that can take abuse and last generations.

We get so many good reviews for a reason. Customers get exactly what they think they are getting or better.

See for yourself why those who do their research, buy Sturdy.