Sturdy Safe In Accidental House Burn Down

gun safe in house fire

gun safe survives house fire Sturdy Safe customer named Stan had his house unexpectedly burn to the ground. He and his family are safe, but most of his house was lost. Stan and the firemen agreed the fire blazed for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
gun safe survives house fire Our safe was one of the few things left standing. The dial and paint had melted off, as well as sides being warped from the extreme heat. The volunteer fire department quenched things down by the time they showed up, but it was too late for the house.
gun in house fire Before the opening of our safe, the fire chief told Stan he has never seen a fireproof gun safe make it through total burn downs. He didn't know this was a commercial safe stuffed with ceramic and high temperature glass. It went through the fire with success, and after seeing the results, some of the firemen who reported to that blaze bought Sturdy fire safes.
gun safe survives house fire The safe was opened and inside were irreplaceable paper documents, cash, guns and ammo all in great condition! This was a two engine response fire, so all firemen involved were witnesses to the burn down. Six people, including Stan, were witnesses to the onsite opening of the safe.