Waterproof Safes Easily And Affordability For At Least 1 Week


Are you looking for an American made, high security, waterproof gun safe (for long guns) with decent fire protection? 

Yeah, that doesn’t exist. 

No waterproof gun safes on the market today

If you narrowed that down to high security and waterproof that still doesn’t exist. 

Your left with flimsy safes and the best waterproof rating I’ve seen on them is up to 3ft of water for 72 hours which is hard to believe. 

There are so many safe brands out there that don’t have waterproof safes, and the reason is because it’s very difficult to achieve and not fool-proof.

Seals can go bad or get damaged, fitting issues, sealing anchor hole issues, human error, ext, so Sturdy Safe came up with some cheap easy tips to truly waterproof any safe.  

Our goal originally was to make our safe as waterproof as we could, but we couldn’t for reasons mentioned and it wouldn’t solve helping those who already have our safes.

The tips below cover different water levels. They are not perfect ideas, but it’s the easiest, cheapest solution anyone can do. 

  gun safe On pedestal to protect it from water

Up to 6“ of water…

Put the safe on a pedestal.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this.

If the safe is placed on an unfinished cement floor we suggest cinderblock that’s filled in with cement.

This will allow you to still anchor the safe down into more secure cement.

Other methods would be be build a wooden platform capable of supporting the weight of the safe. 

Up to 4ft of water…

Put containers in the safe to store items in.

There are various types and sizes of containers that can be used. Plastic containers are easiest to find.

I favored the ones that tapered in less on the bottom.

Get a height that will accommodate the amount of water you are looking to keep out.

Try to get a reasonable height to still allow you to get guns out of the gun rack with ease.

If you don’t like the idea of plastic potentially melting in the event of a fire, there are fireproof metal containers available.

It’s important to test these containers, so we suggest filling the with water for a week to see how it holds up.

If it doesn’t hold up, or you would like to ensure it keeps the water out, line it with some sort of liquid rubber.

There are actually YouTube videos showing how to waterproof cardboard boxes, so you have no issues figuring out how to waterproof other containers. 

Other contents that would usually go on the side shelving would need to go into smaller waterproof containers with lids.

Some tupperware could do the trick, but you have to use good decrement there. 

Testing them will help too.


Over 4ft of water…

This is usually a fully submerged safe. Waterproofing that is incredibly difficult. The only things that can potentially be salvaged are the items put in the tupperware. 

Buoyancy will happen with enough water and not enough weight to hold things down. Keep this in mind when choosing your container size so it wont tip over and fill up as it starts to float.  

According to FEMA the U.S. had more floods in 2016 than any year on record.

Totaling over 1.2 billion in damages.

There was also issue of looting in abandoned waterlogged homes.

It’s incredibly heart wrenching to see our customers go through so much loss and we hope this helps everyone with any safe in the event of a flood.